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Band of the Week 2 Diablo

Four piece Finnish metal-bulldozer DIABLO was born in the late 1990s and recorded it´s first mini-album Princess catching a record deal with Poko Rekords. The first album Elegance in Black was released in 2000 and was described as a powerful punch in the face.played gigs on several summer festivals. Most important of them was the internationally known Tuska-festival in Helsinki. The band also made a video of the album´s opening track Angel. In 2002 after releasing the second album Renaissance, which went straight to number 14 on the Finnish Top 40, DIABLODIABLO took a strong place in the Finnish metal music scene with these two albums.The expectations for the third album increased to a high level when the release date got closer. The hype around the band was enormous. A...

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Birthdays this month

Date Musician Bands
02-12 Hintikka, Toni Technicolour
03-12 Lehto, Niklas Once There Was
05-12 Saaresto, Markko Poets of the Fall
07-12 Honkonen, Matti Swallow The Sun
07-12 Rajamäki, Teemu Uniklubi
07-12 Hantula, Jukka Unshine
07-12 Seppälä, Tuomas EX-Virtuocity
07-12 Honkonen, Matti Atakhama
07-12 Seppälä, Tuomas Amberian Dawn
12-12 Lehtinen, Mikko My Fate
12-12 Laine, Joni Agonizer
13-12 Nurmikari, Eki EX-Imperanon
13-12 Porra, Lauri Warmen
13-12 Kauppinen, Harri EX-The Myth Of Autumn
13-12 Porra, Lauri Stratovarius
13-12 Mikkola, Tom Tuoni
13-12 Porra, Lauri Sinergy
13-12 Kauppinen, Harri Beyond The Dream
13-12 Lindgren, Andre The Zombi
13-12 Mikkola, Tom Entwine
13-12 Porra, Lauri Rakasta Joulua, Kotipelto
14-12 Pirkkalainen, Henri Excalion
14-12 Kulmala, Tuomas Supreme Court
14-12 Honkanen, Timo Battlelore
15-12 Sanna, Juhani Ablaze In Hatred
16-12 Munter, Aleksi Ghost Brigade, Swallow The Sun
17-12 Hatakka, Kari 'Kärtsy' Waltari
17-12 Hautala, Jari Unshine
18-12 Hiltunen, Pietu Bloodpit, Sorrowind
19-12 Paananen, Mikko 'Mige' H.I.M.
20-12 Vehviläinen, Ville Veikko Waltari
21-12 Romu, Aapo Vanguard
23-12 Mäenpää, Jari EX-Ensiferum, EX-Arthemesia
23-12 Raivio, Juha Plutonium Orange
23-12 Mäenpää, Jari Wintersun
23-12 Raivio, Juha Swallow The Sun
25-12 Holopainen, Tuomas EX-Sethian, Nightwish, EX-Darkwoods My Betrothed, EX-Nattvindens Gråt, EX-Timo Rautiainen And Trio Niskalaukaus, For My Pain
26-12 Närhi, Otto Beyond The Dream, The Myth Of Autumn
27-12 Lehto, Jessica Once There Was
28-12 Balk, Toni Farewell
28-12 Vehniäinen, Eero Machine Men
29-12 Harvilahti, Mitja Happy Birthday Mitja! Moonsorrow
29-12 Grym, Jori Happy Birthday Jori! Vanguard
31-12 Pääkallon, Jimi Technicolour
31-12 Siren, Mikko Apocalyptica
31-12 Rautiainen, Teemu Astrayed

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