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Band of the Week 45 Amorphis

There is power in a name, as ancient wisdom claims. And sometimes a prophecy. It was a moment of rare foresight when guitarist Esa Holopainen came up with a name for his new band: AMORPHIS. Derived from "amorphous" (without determinate form, shapeless), the choice would subsequently prove more apt than anyone could have imagined at the time. It was the fall of 1990, and the bands two founding members, Esa and drummer Jan Rechberger, had recently joined forces with guitarist/vocalist Tomi Koivusaari and bassist Olli-Pekka "Oppu" Laine to leave their mark on the emerging Finnish death metal scene, only to transcend it by far and set their sights on new horizons before that scene even reached the surface of public awareness. From the outset, AMORPHIS were determined to fo...

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Conquering the world

02 November 2014

Band Venue Country
SONATA ARCTICA Volta, Moscow Russian Federation

03 November 2014

Band Venue Country
SONATA ARCTICA Premio Centre, Nizhny Novgorod Russian Federation

05 November 2014

Band Venue Country
SONATA ARCTICA Bingo, Kiev Ukraine

06 November 2014

Band Venue Country
SONATA ARCTICA Re:public, Minsk Belarus

08 November 2014

Band Venue Country
SONATA ARCTICA Avrora, St. Petersburg Russian Federation

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Birthdays this month

Date Musician Bands
01-10 Karhatsu, Erik Cardiant
01-10 Holopainen, Esa Amorphis
01-10 Hänninen, Lauri Cardiant
01-10 Hänninen, Antti Cardiant
02-10 Miettinen, Dani Before The Dawn
02-10 Biggs, Justin EX-Revolution Renaissance
02-10 Räihä, Juho Before The Dawn
02-10 Biggs, Justin Dying Daylight
03-10 Pihlaja, Markku Manitou
03-10 Gävert, Yrjö "Ykä" Chaos Infinitum
04-10 Öström, Anders Blind Stare
05-10 Silvennoinen, Sam Sethian
05-10 Koskela, Harri Dotma
06-10 Uusimaa, Mikko Reflexion
07-10 Määttä, Heidi Embraze
08-10 Siikavirta, Erna Deathlike Silence
09-10 Rinkinen, Riina Silentium
10-10 Parviainen, Janne EX-Barathrum, Sinergy, Rakasta Joulua, Ensiferum, EX-Waltari
10-10 Sillanmäki, Taneli For Selena And Sin
10-10 Veijalainen, Jere Venia
11-10 Kumpula, Hannu Downfall
11-10 McCoy, Andy Hanoi Rocks
11-10 Kumpula, Hannu Airhead
11-10 Lumous, Piritta Manzana
13-10 Kallava, Tomi Chaos Creation
14-10 Räsänen, Henri Dark Filth Fraternity
14-10 Virkajärvi, Jussi Blindmann
15-10 Linnankivi, Jyrki 'Jyrki 69' The 69 Eyes
16-10 Hartonen, Nico EX-Hevein, Godsplague
16-10 Miettinen, Joni Entwine
17-10 Lahtinen, Janne Widescreen Mode
17-10 Puurtinen, Janne 'Burton' H.I.M.
19-10 Sorvali, Henri Moonsorrow
19-10 Tarvonen, Marko Moonsorrow
19-10 Sorvali, Henri Finntroll, EX-Barathrum
21-10 Klingenberg, Henrik EX-Requiem, Silent Voices, Sonata Arctica
23-10 Pilve, Rolf Stratovarius, Essence of Sorrow
23-10 Alanen, J-P EX-Celesty
23-10 Kilpi, Petteri Kilpi
23-10 Pilve, Rolf Status Minor, Dreamtale
23-10 Alanen, J-P Altaria
24-10 Järvenpää, Ilkka National Napalm Syndicate
25-10 Hongisto, Janne Kotiteollisuus
28-10 Hakala, Aki The Rasmus
29-10 Talvitie, Erno Dead Shape Figure
29-10 Palokangas, Atte Agonizer
29-10 Willman, Panu EX-Before The Dawn, EX-Entwine, Dark Filth Fraternity
30-10 Suomala, Tommy Happy Birthday Tommy! EX-SoulRelic
31-10 Fagerström, Viktor Venia

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