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Band of the Week 6 Insomnium

Over the last decade Insomnium has slowly but surely made itself a household name among the melodic deathsters. Formed in 1997 in a somnolent town of Joensuu, in eastern Finland, these stern men have ever since redefined the boundaries of the genre. Two highly acclaimed demos already set the standard and in 2001 the band signed to UK label Candlelight Records. At this point the founding members Markus Hirvonen (drums), Ville Friman (guitars) and Niilo Sevänen (vocals and bass) attached guitarist Ville Vänni to the band. The triumphant line-up had been born. Debut album In the Halls of Awaiting (2002) introduced a young and fierce band that combined aggression and violent riffing to melancholic atmosphere. Marriage of Scandinavian death metal and traditional Finnish tunes, ...

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Birthdays this month

Date Musician Bands
01-01 Mattila, Olli Exsecratus
01-01 Silvennoinen, Emmi EX-Exsecratus
01-01 Obstbaum, Max Crystal Blaze
01-01 Kauhajärvi, Timo Exsecratus
01-01 Hammais, Eero Synestesia
01-01 Warjomaa, Mahatma Aarni
01-01 Silvennoinen, Emmi Ensiferum
02-01 Siekkinen, Sami Embraze
04-01 Jarva, Taneli The Black League, EX-Impaled Nazarene
04-01 Leskelä, Ilkka Embraze
04-01 Jarva, Taneli EX-Sentenced
05-01 Tauriainen, Mika Entwine, EX-ShamRain
05-01 Eskelinen, Timo Downfall
06-01 Heino, Pekka EX-Cashmir, Brother Firetribe, Leverage
07-01 Pikka, Jarmo Omnium Gatherum, Total Devastation
08-01 Pohjola, Raymond Reflexion
08-01 Valovirta, Euge Suburban Tribe
08-01 Pyy, Henri Merging Flare
08-01 Welroos, Jeppe Sturm Und Drang
08-01 Pohjola, Raymond EX-SoulRelic
08-01 Valovirta, Euge Godsplague
08-01 Pyy, Henri
09-01 Vaaja, Tero Excalion
10-01 Lindroos, Petri EX-Norther, Ensiferum
10-01 Tikka, Jussi Agonizer
14-01 Hietala, Marco Tapani Northern Kings, EX-Sinergy, EX-Conquest
14-01 Vänni, Ville EX-Insomnium
14-01 Hietala, Marco Tapani Tarot, Sapattivuosi, Rakasta Joulua, Nightwish
15-01 Hintikka, J-V EX-Atakhama, Machine Men
16-01 Nieminen, Tuomas Adamantra
16-01 Outinen, Jukka Lullacry
17-01 Aalto, Frans Chaos Infinitum
17-01 Rautio, Jussi Battlelore
18-01 Kekoni, Markus Masterstroke, EX-Crystalic
20-01 Kylmänen, Juha Reflexion
20-01 Mäki, Jonas Malpractice
20-01 Kylmänen, Juha EX-To/Die/For
20-01 Lehtinen, Jariot Waltari
20-01 Kylmänen, Juha For My Pain
21-01 Selo, Jussi Uniklubi
21-01 Terrana, Mike Tarja Turunen
21-01 Lintunen, Tommi Evemaster
22-01 Pekkala, Jussi Mishere
22-01 Vähäkangas, Teemu Bloodride, Unshine
25-01 Tuohimaa, Lauri Embraze, For My Pain
25-01 Lampinen, Pekka Leverage
25-01 Tuohimaa, Lauri Charon
26-01 Olli, Kari Pressure Points
30-01 Niskala, Marko Happy Birthday Marko! Leverage
31-01 Taskula, Jarno Evemaster
31-01 Ilmoniemi , Maria Tarja Turunen

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