Unspeakably brutal guitar patterns, multi-layered and yet beautiful synth walls, ingenious arrangements combined with electronics, devastating drum parts, complex bass assaults and the unique vocals coming straight from the deep pits of Hell!

Formed in Kuopio Finland 1999, Shade Empire has developed its own genre. After three demos they inked deal with Italian label Avantgarde Records. Soon after that Shade Empire was ready to record the first full length album titled as 'Sinthetic' (2004). 'Sinthetic' got praising reviews from all over the world and also the fan base grew enormously worldwide!

In January 2006 Shade Empire entered the famous Studio Perkele to record the follow up to 'Sinthetic'. In May 2006 Shade Empire unleashed the next album, 'Intoxicate O.S'. 'Intoxicate O.S' was a huge success. In its opening week it achieved position 25 in the Official Finnish Charts!

Summer 06 was quite a hectic time for the band as they played several gigs and festival-shows in Finland and that continued until autumn due to fact that Shade Empire was chosen to headline Popkomm´s Metal Evening held in Berlin, October ´06. In spring 2007 Shade Empire started to write new material and did only a few, select shows during that time (i.e Tuska Metal Festival). In October ´07 band entered Studio 33 to record their third album.'Zero Nexus' was a concept album, taking the band to new dimensions! The album was released in spring 2008 and it raged to 15 at the official Finnish charts! After the release the band toured in Finland and did successful shows at Tuska Open Air 2008 and the main stage of Nummirock.

2008 concluded with a European tour featuring Unleashed, Krisiun and One Man Army And The Undead Quartet. The tour was a success and the fans over Europe were left aching for more! Fourth album Omega Arcane was released through Candlelight Records in 2014. The album consists of 11 songs and totals over 74 minutes in length! 'Omega Arcane' is massive, a heavily orchestrated concept album and took the band´s sound to a whole new level. Omega Arcane hit the official Finnish charts to position 13. After the album release band had numerous gigs in Finland and European tour with Borknagar etc.

The fifth album is going to hit the streets in spring 2017 through Spinefarm UK/Universal. Once again the newest album shows out how the band is capable to recur and develop it´s sound to even further from the Omega Arcane´s massiveness. Forthcoming album is going to be the most advanced and epic opus in band´s catalogue.


Poetry Of The Ill-Minded / 2017

01. Lecter (Welcome)
02. Wanderer
03. Drawn to water – the Path
04. Thy Scent
05. Anti-life Saviour
06. Map of scars
07. Treasure (In Liquid Dreams of Mirror Universe)

Omega Arcane / 2013

01. Ruins
01. Dawnless Days
01. Until No Life Breeds
01. Ash Statues
01. Disembodiment
01. Malicious Winds
01. Traveler of Unlight
01. Devolution
01. Slumbering Giant
01. Nomad
01. Omega Arcane

Zero Nexus / 2008

01. 9 in 1
02. Adam & Eve
03. Blood Colours the White
04. Flesh Relinquished
05. Harvesters of Death
06. Serpent-Angel
07. Whisper from the Depths
08. Ecstasy of Black Light
09. Victory

Intoxicate O.S. / 2006

01. Slitwrist Ecstasy
02. Bloodstar
03. Chemical God
04. Rat in a Maze
05. Soulslayers
06. Silver Fix
07. Embrace the Gods of Suffering
08. Ravine
09. Hatefeast

Sinthetic / 2004

01. Conjuration
02. Pain & Pleasure
03. Human Sculpture (feat. Marco Hietala)
04. Designed for Blood (feat. Spellgoth)
05. Creation of Death
06. Ja pimeys laskeutui
07. Extreme Form of Hatred
08. Demonized
09. End of Dreams




Jon Knight / The Flaming Arts

Iiro Laitinen / Nem Agency Oy
+358 (0)45 259 3030



Chemical God


Extreme Form of Hatred



Henry Hämäläinen
vocals (2017–present)
Juha Sirkkiä
guitars (2000–present)
Olli Savolainen
synthesizers (2000–present)
Eero Mantere
bass guitar (1999–present)
Erno Räsänen
drums (2006–present)
Aapeli Kivimäki
guitars (2013–present)


Tero Liimatainen
guitars (1999-2000)
Antti Makkonen
drums (1999–2006)
Janne Niiranen
guitars (1999-2013)
Juha Harju
vocals (2000-2017)

If members listed here are not accurate please inform us at This includes both CURRENT and FORMER members.