From the northern parts of the globe, from Finland, comes Omnium Gatherum - A melodic death metal band known for it's fierce live performances and fresh ingenious sound.

Made of six members Omnium Gatherum delivers sophisticated but aggressive metal that is catchy yet original in composing and arranged to be listened to time and again. Their "trademark" is to push the music ever forward without losing the heritage of the genre - to make something new and still maintain the feeling that is deep in the soil of melodic death metal.

The thing about the band is that it has evolved through the years to be more than the sum of it's members. There is real feeling of a family within the group that has made OG to take a life of it's own so to speak. This is truly like a natural phenomenon and it has demanded a lot from all the members throughout the years - Omnium Gatherum lives up to it's name!

Six strong albums and countless gigs around the world. Now at the dawn of the seventh chapter Omnium Gatherum pushes onward stronger than ever. Enjoy the ride! We know we will!


Beyond / 2013

01. Luoto
02. New Dynamic
03. In the Rim
04. Nightwalkers
05. Formidable
06. The Sonic Sign
07. Who Could Say
08. The Unknowing
09. Living in Me
10. White Palace

New World Shadows / 2011

01. Everfields
02. Ego
03. New World Shadows
04. Soul Journeys
05. Nova Flame
06. An Infinite Mind
07. Watcher of the Skies
08. The Distance
09. Deep Cold

The Redshift / 2008

01. Nail
02. A Shadowkey
03. Chameleon Skin
04. No Breaking Point
05. The Return
06. Shapes on Shades
07. The Red Shifter
08. Greeneyes
09. The Second Flame
10. Song for December
11. Distant Light Highway

Stuck Here on Snakes Way / 2007

01. The Snake and the Way
02. Into Sea
03. Dysnomia
04. A-Part of God
05. Undertaker
06. Bastard-O
07. The Third Flame
08. Just Signs
09. Truth
10. Drudgery
11. In Sane World
12. Spiritual

Years in Waste / 2004

01. The Fall Went Right Through Here
02. Waste of Bereavement
03. Misanthropic (Let The Crown Fall)
04. Black Seas Cry
05. It's a Long Night
06. No Moon & No Queen
07. Gravesilence
08. The Nolan's Fati
09. More Withering
10. Auguries Gone

Spirits and August Light / 2003

01. Writhen
02. Deathwhite
03. The Perfumed Garden
04. Amor Tonight
05. Cure a Wound
06. The Emptiness of Spirit
07. Wastrel
08. Son's Thoughts
09. It Shines



Tel: +49 231 8297 0
Fax: +49 231 8297 101

Merle Doering / Dragon Productions

North America:
John Finberg / First Row Talent

Ari Koskinen / Fullsteam Agency

Markus Vanhala


Ms. Liina Rislakki for Finland

Ms. Stephanie Shoulders for North America

Ms. Birgit Luhmeyer for Europe (rest of the world excluding North America & Finland)



The Unknowing

The Sonic Sign



Blade Reflections (Lyric Video)



Jukka Pelkonen
Vocals (2006–Present)
Markus Vanhala
guitar (1996–Present)
Joonas "Jope" Koto
guitar (2 May 2009, 13 June 2009 and 2010-2011: session member)
(2011–Present: official member)
Aapo Koivisto
keyboards (2005–Present)
Erkki Silvennoinen
bass (2012–Present)
Tuomo Latvala
drums (2016–Present)


Olli Lappalainen
vocals 1996–2000
guitar 1996-1997
Antti Filppu
Vocals 2000–2006
Harri Pikka
guitar 1997–2010
Olli Mikkonen
bass 1996–1997
Jari Kuusisto
bass 1997–1998
Janne Markkanen
bass 1998–2007
Eerik Purdon
bass 2007-2008
Toni "Tsygä" Mäki
bass 2009–2012
Mikko Nykänen
keyboards 1996–1999
Tomi Pekkola
keyboards 1999–2001
Mikko Pennanen
keyboards 2001–2003
Jukka Perälä
keyboards 2003–2005
Ville Salonen
drums 1996–1999
Jarmo Pikka
drums 1999-2016

If members listed here are not accurate please inform us at This includes both CURRENT and FORMER members.