In the beginning, back in the year 1999 in Pori, Finland, Mors Principium Est was established by the three founding members Jori, Jarkko and Toni. Percussion instruments were missing, but later in the same year Mikko joined the band to play the drums. Jori was playing lead guitar and vocals, Jarkko guitar and Toni keyboards. The band played for a while with this set, but in the beginning of year 2000 Jori got tired of singing and wanted to concentrate only on playing guitar. A new singer was needed.

Meanwhile Ville had just left his old band and was looking for something new. He contacted the band and after audition, he became the new vocalist. The first demo was made without a bass-player, but after Listenable Records got interested in the band, it was necessary to find a fulltime bass-player. In the year 2001 Teemu joined the band to play bass-guitar. Two more demos and few gigs were made and finally the hard work got rewarded.

In 2002, Listenable Records offered a contract, which the band signed for 3 albums. The debut album "Inhumanity" was recorded and mixed by Ahti Kortelainen in Finland at Tico-Tico Studios, in December 2002 and mastered at Finnvox Studios, in January 2003. The album was released in spring 2003.

The second album "The Unborn" was recorded at Tico-Tico Studios, in November 2004 and mastered at Finnvox Studios, in December 2004. The album was released in spring 2005, except for USA, where it was released at the end of 2005.

The third album "Liberation=Termination" was recorded in many places around Finland, one of them was, for example, Astia Studio. The album was mastered at Imperial Mastering in California (USA) in the year 2006. It was released during 2007.


Embers of a Dying World / 2017

01. Genesis
02. Reclaim the Sun
03. Masquerade
04. Into the Dark
05. The Drowning
06. Death Is the Beginning
07. The Ghost
08. In Torment
09. Agnus Dei
10. The Colours of the Cosmos
11. Apprentice of Death

Dawn of the 5th Era / 2014

01. Enter the Asylum
02. God Has Fallen
03. Leader of the Titans
04. We Are the Sleep
05. Innocence Lost
06. I Am War
07. Monster in Me
08. Apricity
09. Wrath of Indra
10. The Journey
11. The Forsaken

...And Death Said Live / 2012

01. The Awakening
02. Departure
04. Birth of the Starchild
05. Bringer of Light
06. Ascension
07. ...and Death Said Live
08. Destroyer of All
09. What the Future Holds?
10. The Meadows of Asphodel
11. Dead Winds of Hope

Liberation = Termination / 2007

01. Orsus
02. The Oppressed Will Rise
03. The Animal Within
04. Finality
05. Cleansing Rain
06. Forgotten
07. Sinners Defeat
08. The Distance Between
09. It Is Done
10. Terminal Liberation
11. Lost Beyond Retrieval

The Unborn / 2005

01. Pure
02. The Harmony Remains
03. Parasites of Paradise
04. Two Steps Away
05. Altered State of Consciousness
06. Spirit-Conception
07. The Unborn
08. Fragile Flesh
09. Pressure
10. The Glass Womb

Inhumanity / 2003

01. Another Creation
02. Eternity's Child
03. In My Words
04. Inhumanity
05. D.I.B.
06. The Lust Called Knowledge
07. Oblivion
08. Life in Black
09. Last Apprentice
10. Into Illusion
11. Hijo de la Luna




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Reclaim The Sun

Apprentice Of Death

Monster In Me



Ville Viljanen
vocals (2000 – present)
Iiro Aittokoski
LIVE drums (2017–present)
Teemu Heinola
bass (2001 – present)
Andy Gillion
lead guitar, programming (2011–present)


Mikko Sipola
drums (1999-2007, 2007–2017)
Jarkko Kokko
guitars (1999–2009)
Jori Haukio
vocals, guitars (1999–2000)
guitars, programming (2000–2007)
Toni Nummelin
keyboards (1999–2004)
Joona Kukkola
keyboards (2004–2007)
Karri Kuisma
Rhythm guitars (2007–2008)
Marko Tommila
drums (2007)
Tom "Tomma" Gardiner
rhythm guitars (2008–2009)
Kalle Aaltonen
rhythm guitar (2009–2011)
Tomy Laisto
lead guitar (2007–2011)
Andhe Chandler
rhythm guitar (2011–2014)
Kevin Verlay
rhythm guitar (2014–2015)

If members listed here are not accurate please inform us at This includes both CURRENT and FORMER members.