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The Big Bang of the MyGrain Universe happened in the summer of 2004, when the remnants of then defunct New Science Band started over with the aim of playing some rough, yet melodic metal. After completing their line-up the group's 2nd self-release hit the radars of Finnish heavy metal powerhouse, Spinefarm Records and scored the band a recording deal and the MyGrain Space Odyssey could begin in earnest.

The debut album, 2006's “Orbit Dance” introduced the world a modern metal band with Nordic/American melodic death metal influences and lyric subject matter unlike anyone else's. First and foremost, a live band definitely worth admission on stages small and large alike, MyGrain first focused on domestic touring but while still on the road, managed to forge another slew of songs for the February 2008 release of their 2nd album “Signs of Existence”. Along with some minor line-up tweaking, the sophomore album evolved MyGrain’s edgy, melodic sound into a style deeper, more original and infinitely more confident. The band was finding its own niche. On their eponymous 3rd album the band took their effort up another notch with their now otherworldly space metal.

The group's album #4 “Planetary Breathing” will drop 27th of September 2013. It was recorded during August and September of 2012 at Sound Supreme studios with Janne Saksa, who already worked with the band on their first two albums. The mixing and mastering was once more taken care of by the mad skills of Swedish alien mastermind, Dan Swanö.

Quoth the band: “We are so excited of the result we achieved with this album! Together with Janne and Dan, we managed to capture the most rich and balanced MyGrain sound so far.”

The album release will be preceded by the epic music video “Dreamscape”.


Planetary Breathing / 2012

01. Incantation
02. Waking Up the Damned
03. Ambivalentine
04. Black Light Supernova
05. Dreamscape
06. Rats in the Cradle
07. The Ghost in Me
08. Mechanimal Instinct
09. The Final Skyline
10. Planetary Breathing

MyGrain / 2010

01. Into the Parallel Universe
02. Shadow People
03. Dust Devils and Cosmic Storms
04. Of Immortal Aeons
05. A Clockwork Apocalypse
06. Eye of the Void
07. Trapped in an Hourglass
08. Xenomorphic
09. Cataclysm Child

Signs of Existence / 2008

01. Translucent Dreams
02. This Perfect Chaos
03. Asphyxiated and Inflammable
04. Shed the Second Skin
05. Walk Puppet Walk
06. Killing Time
07. The Psychonaut
08. Alienation
09. Human Wasteland
10. Final Frontier

Orbit Dance / 2006

01. Plastic
02. Cold Reflection
03. W.I.F.
04. Pitch-Black
05. Darkbound
06. Humanimal
07. Misery Assembly Line
08. Downfall
09. Orbit Dance
10. Veil of Sun
11. Hollowgram



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Waking Up The Damned

Trapped In An Hourglass




Tommy Tuovinen
Joni Lahdenkauppi
Teemu Ylämäki
DJ Locomotive
Eve Kojo



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