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Charon was founded in 1992 by Antti Karihtala, Teemu Hautamäki, Pasi Sipilä, and Jasse Hast and was originally a brutal death metal act. After releasing three promo albums and two demos, all self-released, the band signed a record deal with Emanzipation Productions. Through Emanzipation, Charon released their first two full-length albums Sorrowburn and Tearstained in 1998 and 2000 respectively. After touring with fellow Finlanders Sentenced, the band parted ways with Emanzipation and signed to Spinefarm Records.

During the summer of 2001 Charon recorded their third studio album Downhearted. Prior to the release of the full album, the single Little Angel, which rose to number 5 on the Finnish singles chart, was released. In early 2002, Downhearted was released, and it proved to be just as popular as the single. The album rose to the number 3 slot on the Finnish Album Charts while the video for the song "Little Angel" hit No. 1 on the Nordic Video List.

The summer following the release of Downhearted the band went on tour in their native Finland, and directly thereafter the band toured through Europe with Nightwish and After Forever. Then in April 2003, the band released another single, In Trust of No One, which made its debut at No. 1 on the Finnish Singles Chart. Five months later the Religious/Delicious single was released, followed quickly by the band's fourth studio album The Dying Daylights. Immediately after the releases the band went on tour in Finland to support the album.

In November 2003, guitarist Jasse von Hast left the band, citing a lack of interest in playing for the group and boredom with band-related activities as reason for doing so. Lauri Tuohimaa stepped in and officially became the band's new guitarist in January 2004. Charon then went on yet another tour through Finland to support The Dying Daylights.

After several more tours and the release of the single Colder, the band released its fifth album Songs for the Sinners on August 31, 2005. Since then the band has toured extensively in Europe and Russia. Concerning further releases, the band stated, during the summer, that they had six new tracks ready to record. Then, that autumn, another update was posted on the bands site stating that they have spent the last few weeks recording five new tracks for a demo and that they are currently negotiating a new record deal.

On June 3, 2011 the band has posted a news release on their website stating that they have decided to disband after summer concerts in their native Finland


Songs for the Sinners / 2005

01. Colder
02. Deep Water
03. Bullet
04. Rain
05. Air
06. She Hates
07. Ride on Tears
08. Gray
09. Rust
10. House of the Silent

The Dying Daylights / 2003

01. Failed
02. Religious/Delicious
03. Death Can Dance
04. In Brief War
05. Guilt on Skin
06. Unbreak, Unchain
07. Drive
08. Every Failure
09. In Trust of No One
10. If
11. No Saint
12. Built for My Ghosts
13. Re-Collected

Downhearted / 2002

01. Bitter Joy
02. At the End of Our Day
03. Craving
04. Little Angel
05. Fall
06. Erase Me
07. Desire You
08. Come Tonight
09. All I Care Is Dying
10. Sister Misery
11. Sorrowsong

Tearstained / 2000

01. Worthless
02. Sorrowbringer
03. 4 Seasons Rush
04. Christina Bleeds
05. Deepest Scar
06. The Drift
07. Sin
08. Holy
09. Your Christ
10. As We Die
11. The Stone

Sorrowburn / 1998

01. Burndown
02. Wortex
03. Breeze
04. Serenity
05. To Serve You
06. Nightwing
07. Neverbirth
08. Kheimos
09. November's Eve
10. Morrow



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Little Angel

Ride On Tears



Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto
Lauri Tuohimaa
Antti Karihtala
Teemu Hautamäki


Jasse von Hast
Pasi Sipilä

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