J. Vahvanen and M. Kokkola founded Battlelore in 1999. Their first promo CD “Warrior’s Tale” was released that same year. “Warrior’s Tale” was praised and liked, but the band caught the attention of Napalm Records after the release of their second demo “Dark Fantasy” in 2000. “Dark Fantasy” also introduced the at the time new Battlelore members; Kaisa Jouhki as the new female vocalist, Henri Vahvanen as the drummer and Maria Honkanen as the keyboard player and flutist. At the request of the label, Battlelore recorded an untitled three-track promo CD and soon thereafter the deal was finalized.

In autumn 2001 Battlelore recorded their debut “…Where the Shadows Lie” at Music Bros Studios with producer Miitri Aaltonen. Shortly thereafter due to personal reasons, T. Havo left Battlelore. He was replaced by J. Rautio on lead guitar. “…Where the Shadows Lie” got great response worldwide and Battlelore roamed onwards with full steam.

The second album “Sword’s Song” was released in spring 2003 and took Battlelore to a totally new level in their music. “Sword’s Song” was also recorded at Music Bros Studios under the guidance of Miitri Aaltonen. The response was huge and thus, Battlelore did their first tour around Europe. This tour led to even more followers and a steady fan base.

Battlelore’s first DVD “The Journey” – featuring the energetic live show at Tavastia club – saw the light of day in early 2004. In August 2004 Battlelore endured another line-up change. Patrik Mennander left the band to follow another career path, leaving his scepter and crown as Battlelore’s vocalist behind. His last performance with Battlelore took place at the spectacular headlining show at RingCon, the official Lord of the Rings Festival in Bonn, Germany.

After the successful European tour with two session musicians (the low-growling vocalist Tomi Mykkänen and raging bass player Timo Honkanen, who filled in for a temporarily absent Miika Kokkola), Battlelore began searching for Patrik’s replacement. Furthermore, Miika Kokkola announced that he too, for personal reasons, would be leaving the band. Luckily, Timo and Tomi’s showing on tour convinced Battlelore that they could not find better men for the job.

Battlelore’s third album “Third Age of the Sun” was recorded at Sound Suite Studios in spring 2005. With producer Terje Refsnes at the helm, Battlelore found a new sound for their journey through Middle-earth. The band decided to leave out all the overdone computer programming that would result in an inorganic sound. “Third Age of the Sun” was a lively creation where the joy of playing is continually present. The response again overwhelmed everyone as Battlelore found their way to the top 40 album chart in Finland right after the release.

The fourth Battlelore album, “Evernight”, was recorded in the autumn of 2006 and released in the early 2007. Once again, Battlelore chose to work with Miitri Aaltonen at Music Bros Studios. The results can be heard in the even more bombastic, more epic and heavier soundscapes. “Evernight”, as the darkest and strongest Battlelore album so far, continues to remain loyal to the heritage of J. R. R. Tolkien, but the band’s sound has evolved to deliver true atmosphere and a fantastic end result.

Battlelore recorded their fifth album, “The Last Alliance”, at Sound Supreme Studios in Hämeenlinna, Finland in April-May of 2008. They chose to work with the ingenious producer Janne Saksa for the recordings and the legendary metal god Dan Swanö for the mixing and mastering of the album, which proved to be perfect choices. The album consists of big, epic and atmospheric songs full of feeling and raging battles, which will lead the listener back to Middle-earth in an unforgettable way. Battlelore has created the perfect, epic masterpiece, and Tomi’s clean vocals are the final touch to make “The Last Alliance” an album of a lifetime. “The Last Alliance” limited edition digipack includes a bonus DVD featuring the massive live show at Metal Female Voices Festival in Wieze, Belgium 2007. “The Last Alliance” received again incredible response from the fans and was #26 on the Finnish album charts.

In 2010, after over 10 years of making music together, Battlelore concentrated on making new songs for the upcoming album, “Doombound”. Besides a visit to Ibiza with Hard Rock Hell Road Trip, they decided to stay in Finland and make this the best album so far. Concentrating on the new songs and the new album proved to be great choices as in the studio, June-July 2010, the songs turned out to be more versatile and bombastic, more dynamic and epic, atmospheric, fun and serious, and free of old habits – and still they sounded like Battlelore. Sound Supreme Studios and producer Janne Saksa were the perfect pair for Battlelore to spread their wings and try different approaches to song writing, as Janne’s excellent ear and feel for details made Battlelore do their best and concentrate on all aspects of the songs. A talented young cellist, Markus Vuoristo, visited Battlelore in the studio and played the cello for two songs, thus giving the songs the perfect finishing touches and complementing all the other instruments and vocals. Dan Swanö, the legendary metal god, played a guitar solo on one of the songs and did the mixing for Battlelore again, and gave the songs and sounds the perfect final touch to make this the greatest album in Battlelore history. As the first and so far only concept album, telling the story of Tolkien’s tragic hero Túrin Turambar and his kin, this album takes Battlelore to a completely new level of song writing. The songs do not bow down to anyone – this is who we are and what you get. Included in “Doombound” limited edition digipack is “10 years of Battlelore” bonus DVD featuring two incredible live shows from Nosturi, Finland, tour videos from Europe and Finland, a huge photo gallery and all of Battlelore’s music videos. The DVD was made to all the fans and followers as a thank you for the support they have given the band during these years. The release of “Doombound” is set for January 2011.

Let Battlelore show you flashes from the smoky tavern at Umbar, through the green fields of Rohan and finally to the deepest dungeons of Moria. Gather your belongings, clean up your weapons and prepare for WAR!


Doombound / 2011

01. Bloodstained
02. Iron of Death
03. Bow and Helm
04. Enchanted
05. Kärmessurma
06. Olden Gods
07. Fate of the Betrayed
08. Men as Wolves
09. Last of the Lords
10. Doombound
11. Kielo

The Last Alliance / 2008

01. Third Immortal
02. Exile the Daystar
03. The Great Gathering
04. Guardians
05. Voice of the Fallen
06. Daughter of the Sun
07. Green Dragon
08. Awakening
09. Epic Dreams
10. Moontower
11. The Star of High Hope

Evernight / 2007

01. House of Heroes
02. Ocean's Elysium
03. Summon the Wolves
04. We Are the Legions
05. Into the New World
06. Longing Horizon
07. Mask of Flies
08. The Cloak and the Dagger
09. Beneath the Waves

Third Age of the Sun / 2005

01. Usvainen Rhûn
02. Storm of the Blades
03. Ghân of the Woods
04. Gwaith-i-Mírdain
05. Trollshaws
06. Elves of Lúva
07. Valier – Queens of the Valar
08. Thousand Caves
09. Cloaked In Her Unlight
10. Of Orcs and Elves
11. Touch of Green and Gold
12. Pallando - Forgotten Wizards I
13. Gollum’s Cry

Sword’s Song / 2003

01. Sons of Riddermark
02. Sword's Song
03. The Mark of the Bear
04. Buccaneers Inn
05. Attack of the Orcs
06. Dragonslayer
07. Khazad-Dûm Pt.2 (Silent Caverns)
08. Horns of Gondor
09. The War of Wrath
10. Forked Height
11. Starlight Kingdom

...Where the Shadows Lie / 2002

01. Swordmaster
02. The Grey Wizard
03. Raging Goblin
04. Journey to Undying Lands
05. Shadowgate
06. Fangorn
07. The Green Maid
08. Khazad-Dûm Pt.1 (Ages of Mithril)
09. Ride with the Dragons




Napalm Records

Sound of Liberation



Storm Of The Blades

Journey To Undying Lands

House of Heroes

Third Immortal



Kaisa Jouhki
Tomi Mykkänen
Jussi Rautio
Jyri Vahvanen
Timo Honkanen
Henri Vahvanen
Maria Honkanen
keyboards, Flute


Miika Kokkola
Patrik Mennander
Tommi Havo
vocals, lead guitar

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