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Airdash was a technical/progressive thrash/speed metal - band, formed in the middle of the 1980s, 1986. They were one of the most popular Thrash/Speed metal - groups in Finland in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Like their Speed metal - comrades, Stone, they never had much attention from foreign countries. They were called as "The little brother of Stone" because unlike Stone they never fought their way up to the mainstream. When they were on the top of their popularity they were also the warm-up band in Finland for Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies and Kreator. Their original bassist, "Sidi" left the band because he was not able to play the songs in the studio. His place took Kirka Sainio. In 1990 the band's longtime lead guitarist Markku "Nirri" Niiranen left the band to join Stone and he was replaced by Tommy Dolivo.


Both Ends of the Path / 1991

01. Liquid Bliss
02. Hollow Men
03. Savage Ritual
04. So It Goes
05. Soul of a Renegade
06. Silent Wall
07. Deeper Shades
08. Letter of Indulgence
09. Choking Child
10. View

Hospital Hallucinations Take One / 1989

01. If...
02. Youth Hostel (Burial Site)
03. Jungle Jim
04. Decent Citizen
05. Vengeance Through Violence (No Bullshit)
06. Trigger Happy
07. Forbidden Thoughts
08. Sleepwalk

Thank God It’s Monday / 1988

01. Give Up
02. Helluva Noise
03. Another Day
04. White Lies
05. Spit Your Guts
06. Without It
07. Reaper
08. Thank God It's Monday
09. Eat Shit



No contact since band not active



Juha Laine, Vocals
Markku "Nirri" Niiranen, Lead guitar (1986–1990)
Kirka Sainio, Bass (1988-)
Juha "Ykä" Hintikka, Drums
Roope Siren, Guitar
Tommy Dolivo, Lead guitar (1990-)
"Sidi", Bass

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