Turmion Kätilöt is an industrial metal band from Finland which was formed in 2003 by MC Raaka Pee and Dj Vastapallo. Soon after they were joined by the other members of what should become Turmion Kätilöt: Master Bates- bass, RunQ- keyboards, and DQ- drums. At the end of 2004 Spellgoth appeared, an artist they already knew. He immediately accepted becoming the second singer of the band, thus replacing the first backing vocalist Plastinen. Soon their incredible combination of metal and electronic music lured Spinefarm records, a Finnish label, onto the plan and Turmion Kätilöt signed their first recording deal with them. DJ Vastapallo, the guitarist and the second founding member, left the band on 2009 and was soon replaced by Bobby Undertaker, a former guitarist of Deathchain. The latest line-up change took place on 2017 when long time vocalist Spellgoth decided to take other paths on his musical career. Spellgoth was replaced by a band’s old friend and a fan, Shaq-U.

From the very beginning, Turmion Kätilöt has always been a great live band. They are known for their live show full of energy and dedication. When not in the studio, the band has been constantly on tour since its formation. Turmion Kätilöt is a band that is not in the least afraid of attention. In fact, their shows are not only numerous, but also quite impressive. All in all, Turmion Kätilöt is a combination of very experienced musicians and they have a desire to offer the audience a spectacle of high quality every night. While the band mainly plays in Finland, they have done European tour with Pain(swe) and Engel(swe) on 2011.

Since all the band’s members have been involved in other bands and played many years, their music possesses quite some maturity. Already their first demos had an exceptionally professional sound. With every record they have set the new standards for the high quality they always demand from themselves.

Turmion Kätilöt has quite a particular style: Many electronic sounds contrast against a rough, growling vocals mainly in Finnish, hard riffs and drums that feature an indefatigable and merciless hammering all wrapped up around a full bass sound. Concerning the lyrics, they are often rather cryptic and hard to interpret, while the general atmosphere is rather dark but sometimes filled with black humor.


Dance Panique / 2017

01. Dance Panique
02. Veren maku
03. Surutulitus
04. Kyynelten tanssi
05. Uhriveri
06. Vihko
07. Pienet pirut
08. Viha
09. Kuoleman marssi
10. To Be Contiuned, kohtaus 3

Diskovibrator / 2015

01. Kirottujen karnevaalit
02. Aina arki
03. Hyvissä höyryissä
04. Sinä saatana
05. Ranteet auki
06. Lataa ja varmista
07. Hiiltynyt runko
08. Vastanaineet
09. Sinulle
10. To Be Continued, Act 2

Technodiktator / 2013

01. Silmät sumeat
02. Antaa palaa
03. Nimi kivessä
04. Pyhä maa
05. Jalopiina
06. Elävä koneeksi
07. Rehtori
08. золото
09. To Be Contiuned Act 1

Perstechnique / 2011

01. Grand Ball
02. Ihmisixsixsix
03. Suolainen kapteeni
04. Hanska
05. Hellbound Earth
06. Lapset ja vanhemmat
07. Herran toinen tuleminen
08. Verta sataa
09. Rukoukset rattoisat
10. Vedetäänkö vai ei?

U.S.C.H! / 2008

01. Vuosi 2008
02. U.S.C.H!
03. Pakanamaan kartta
04. Kuolleitten laulu
05. Paha musta veri
06. Minä määrään
07. Destination Hades
08. Kuoleman päivä
09. Arise
10. Shuttle to Venus
11. Hades
12. Alternative End for Your U.S.C.H!
13. Million Dollar Business

Pirun nyrkki / 2006

01. Mistä veri pakenee
02. Pirun Nyrkki
03. Messu
04. Eläköön!
05. Tirehtööri
07. Härkä
08. Illuusio musiikista
09. Irstauden ilosanoma
10. Piiloviestien Neitietsivä
11. Verta ja lihaa

Hoitovirhe / 2004

01. Teurastaja
02. Lepositeet
03. Paha ihminen
04. Verta ja lihaa
05. Pimeyden morsian
06. Seinä
07. Liitto
08. 4 käskyä
09. Rautaketju
10. Osasto-A
11. Kärsi







Dance Panique

Lataa ja varmista


Hyvissä Höyryissä

Minä Määrään

Verta ja Lihaa



MC Raaka Pee (Petja Turunen)
lead vocals
Master Bates (Hannu Voutilainen)
bass, backing vocals
Bobby Undertaker (Miikka Närhi)
guitars, backing vocals
RunQ (Janne Tolsa)
keyboards, synthesizers, programming
DQ (Antero Seppänen)
drums, percussion


vocals (session member)
DJ Vastapallo (Lassi Kauppinen)
Spellgoth (Tuomas Rytkönen)
vocals (formerly live only)

If members listed here are not accurate please inform us at webmaster@metalfromfinland.com This includes both CURRENT and FORMER members.