In 1991, Pekka Kokko and Petri Sankala founded the metal band Ancestor. After Ancestor had recorded two demos, Antti Kokko joined the band as lead guitarist. In 1998, after five demos, Ancestor disbanded and Kalmah formed. The new band consisted of Pekka Kokko performing vocals and guitar, Antti Kokko on lead guitar, Pasi Hiltula on keyboards, Altti Veteläinen on bass, and Petri Sankala on drums.

Kalmah began to write songs for a promotional CD entitled Svieri Obraza. With this demo, they acquired a recording contract with Spinefarm Records and headed to Tico-Tico Studios to record their debut album, Swamplord.

By November 2001, they returned to Tico-Tico Studios to record their second studio album, They Will Return. By this time, Veteläinen and Sankala were replaced by Timo Lehtinen on bass and Janne Kusmin on drums, respectively. In 2002, Kalmah played shows in Finland and at Wacken Open Air. In February 2003, they recorded their third studio album, Swampsong. In 2004, keyboardist Pasi Hiltula left and was replaced by Marco Sneck. The band released The Black Waltz in 2006 and For the Revolution in 2008. Kalmah toured in Canada and Finland to promote the latter album.

Kalmah's sixth studio album was released in Japan on February 24, 2010, Canada on March 2, Europe on March 3, and North America on April 6.

Recording and mixing took place from May to August at Tico-Tico Studios in Finland, and mastering for the disc took place at the Cutting Room in Sweden.

The track "Bullets Are Blind" was released in December 2009 on a 2-CD collection included with the 35th anniversary issue of Soundi magazine.

In March 2010, 12 Gauge became the first Kalmah album to be released on vinyl. The album was mastered for vinyl by Joona Lukala, Noise for Fiction, and released by Svart Records in a limited run of 500 copies.

In 2012, Kalmah finished filming a new music video for their upcoming album, due to be released in 2013. The band have kept fans up to date with their process via social networking website Facebook by uploading different photos, as well as a short behind the scenes video from the day of filming their video. They also announced that they currently have 6 songs finished, and they plan to enter the studio in January 2013.

The artwork for their seventh studio album will be created by artist Juha Vuorma, the man also behind the art of Kalmahs first 3 albums.

In April 2013, it was announced that the band will release their seventh studio album, Seventh Swamphony, on June 17.

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Seventh Swamphony / 2013

01. Seventh Swamphony
02. Deadfall
03. Pikemaster
04. Hollo
05. Windlake Tale
06. Wolves on the Throne
07. Black Marten's Trace
08. The Trapper

12 Gauge / 2010

01. Rust Never Sleeps
02. One of Fail
03. Bullets Are Blind
04. Swampwar
05. Better Not to Tell
06. Hook the Monster
07. Godeye
08. 12 Gauge
09. Sacramentum

For the Revolution / 2008

01. For the Revolution
02. Dead Man's Shadow
03. Holy Symphony of War
04. Wings of Blackening
05. Ready for Salvation
06. Towards the Sky
07. Outremer
08. Coward
09. Like a Slave

The Black Waltz / 2006

01. Defeat
02. Bitter Metallic Side
03. Time Takes Us All
04. To the Gallows
05. Svieri Doroga
06. The Black Waltz
07. With Terminal Intensity
08. Man of the King
09. The Groan of Wind
10. Mindrust
11. One from the Stands

Swampsong / 2003

01. Heroes to Us
02. Burbot's Revenge
03. Cloned Insanity
04. The Third, The Magical
05. Bird of Ill Omen
06. Doubtful About It All
07. Tordah
08. Man With Mystery
09. Moon of My Nights

They Will Return / 2002

01. Hollow Heart
02. Swamphell
03. Principle Hero
04. Human Fates
05. They Will Return
06. Kill the Idealist
07. The Blind Leader
08. My Nation
09. Skin o' My Teeth (Megadeth cover)

Swamplord / 2000

01. Evil in You
02. Withering Away
03. Heritance of Berija
04. Black Roija
05. Dance of the Water
06. Hades
07. Alteration
08. Using the Word
09. The Blind Leader (Demo)
10. Vezidoroga




Spinefarm Records
Tuula Rossi
tel: +358 9 454 271 23


Seventh Swamphony

12 Gauge

The Groan of Wind



Pekka Kokko
guitar, vocals (1998–present)
Antti Kokko
lead guitar (1998–present)
Timo Lehtinen
bass guitar (2001–present)
Janne Kusmin
drums (2001–present)
Veli-Matti Kananen
keyboards (2012–present)


Altti Veteläinen
bass guitar (1998–2001)
Petri Sankala
drums (1998–2001)
Antti-Matti Talala
keyboards (1999)[16]
Pasi Hiltula
keyboards (1999–2004)
Marco Sneck
keyboards (2004–2011)

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