Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why did you make Metal From Finland again instead using the old one?
    I figured this would be the most common question for everyone who enters our new website. In all honesty I had no choice. I wasn't able to keep the old website in the server it was in anymore. I had a backup but it got destroyed when my hard drive crashed (yes plenty of backups are made from this website already). These are amateur errors that should never happen but like they say, to error is human.

    However on a same note I am glad that this website was rebuilt from scratch. Old Metal From Finland was horribly outdated and it didn't serve it's purpose, not to our fans and especially not to the bands we had in our database.

    Also this time off gave perspective as to how Metal From Finland should be. We tried to make the old website simply just too complicated with too much information. Information that everyone could find from bands websites easily themselves. The whole idea for Metal From Finland is to attract people to Finnish metal and help fans to find new music. So we focus more on bringing media to you like videos and audio.
    05 Sep 2017 : 19:40
  • My band is no longer in Metal From Finland. Why?
    As said, we are rebuilding this website from scratch and we will keep adding bands to the database all the time. Then there are also some bands that won't be added at all. This is an ongoing project that hopefully will never be 100% ready.

    The hype around Finnish metal isn't what it was 5 or so years ago but there are still tons and tons of metalfans around the world who have lost their heart to Finnish metal and want more. This is an excellent moment also to introduce bands that weren't necessarily that successful and big but still extremely good bands.
    06 Sep 2017 : 11:25
  • Changes to band information
    If you want to send suggestions to change information we have on the bands you can send email to @. Remember to write in english. If there are videos you want us to add to a specific band send us the direct link to the video.

    Do NOT send anything regarding bands that are not added to Metal From Finland yet. This is a work-in-progress and we keep adding bands daily.
    13 Sep 2017 : 03:19
  • Where are genres from bands? What about musician database?
    Not many know this but genres caused a lot of headache on our old website. The amount of mail we got where fans complained this band being on wrong genre and it should be on that and that bla bla was just horrible. It was a concious decision to leave genres out, at least for now. As for musicians database it was doomed to fail to begin with. Just overall way too much work to keep the database updated.

    As soon as we figure out a proper way to use genres on bands we will do so but at the moment it doesn't serve any purpose.

    If you are looking for something new to listen you can post it to our Forum Recommendations section and hopefully once the community grows you'll find some good bands to listen.
    05 Sep 2017 : 11:25
  • How will you make sure the database stays updated this time?
    By doing things smarter than they were done before. We are also looking a possibility to get fans involved on updating process so keeping everything updated isn't only on our hands. But this is something for the future and we will add that feature if and when it's safe to do so. There will be a possibility to send us news which will be a big change already to the old one. I kept getting news on my mailbox but I simply didn't have time to update everything in the past. Now those people can send the news directly and all I need to do is accept it.

    Also the updating process is now a lot faster. In the past the band information was scattered to so many places that changing many things to one band simply took too much time. Now everything is pretty much in one location so we are able to update the info very fast. Being it a video that doesn't work anymore, new album, updated biography, updated links etc.
    06 Sep 2017 : 11:28
  • Do we have to sign up to use the website?
    Absolutely not. Signing up is just something if you want to comment news, write to our chatbox, use our forum or send news. But of course we would suggest you to sign up cause we are hoping that our fans will interact with each other here.
    06 Sep 2017 : 12:34
  • Will Metal From Finland blogs stay in Wordpress?
    For now yes. We are also looking for a possibility to move blogs here at some point. It would be awesome if finally we could have everything under one page instead of blogs in Wordpress, forums somewhere else etc.
    06 Sep 2017 : 12:35
  • Will there be new Metal From Finland merchandise coming?
    Absolutely! But first things first. We want to get our website up and running and after that focus on other things. One of those things is to completely rework our Cafepress merchandise shop.
    06 Sep 2017 : 12:35
  • Why I can't upload files/images on forums?
    There really is no need to upload images or files on our forum. If you want to use images and videos in your forum posts you can use for instance Imgur-service for images. They provide full bbcode support so you can upload your images there very fast and then just copy paste the appropriate bbcode to your forum post.

    If you want to post a video just do the following: [youtube]GBtYiLFH85A[/youtube] GBtYiLFH85A is the id of the video, you can see it from the url on youtube
    07 Sep 2017 : 03:11
  • Can I use the website on my smartphone or tablet?
    Not only you can but you should cheesey Website has been designed to work on browsers, smartphones and tablets so that it automatically changes layout according to the device. Nerds call it responsive design.
    14 Sep 2017 : 11:23
  • I registered but I can't log the website. Why?
    Hopefully you used your own and a working e-mail address when you registered cause all accounts are verified through e-mail. Once you have registered you will receive an e-mail with a link to activate your account. You can ask the system to resend your activation mail by clicking the Sign In-text on top right corner and choosing Resend Activation Email

    If you still can't get it working, send e-mail to @ but send the e-mail from the SAME e-mail address you used for registering.

    Also keep in mind that you can also register with your Facebook now. Just click SIGN UP and on the sign up page click the Facebook icon.
    14 Sep 2017 : 17:47
  • I can't log with my Facebook account
    You have to sign up with your Facebook account first. So click the SIGN UP and on the sign up page click the Facebook icon. After that you are able to login with your Facebook account. We don't store anything personal about you except your name and email address so signing up with the Facebook is completely safe.
    19 Sep 2017 : 03:57
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