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Are you FINSANE?

Well of course you are! Otherwise you wouldn't be visiting Metal From Finland. Don't worry it's not a disease or even an illness. In fact some might say it's something wonderful and amazing to be FINSANE. To yours truly being FINSANE is only natural since I am a native Finn but I have made it my mission that with Metal From Finland and Finsane I will do my atmost best to spread Finsania as far and as wide as possible.

What are the symptoms for FINSANITY?

Finlandv2One of the main symptoms is that you no longer see Finland how it used to be but much rather how it should be.

Then there are of course your average withdrawal symptoms like
- Increased sensitivity to pain.
- Irritability.
- Emotional instability, anxiety and depression.
- Restlessness or insomnia.
- Sweating, hot flashes.
- Flu-like symptoms: weakness, body aches and headaches.
- Lack of or increased appetite.
- Difficulty concentrating
- Panic attacks
- Loss of color in the face

Actually that Loss of color in the face is not necessarily a withdrawal symptom when suffering from FINSANITY. Another possibility is that your body is simply adapting to the Finnish tone which as we all know is, pale. Summer in Finland is very short. For instance the summer of 2017 was on wednesday if I recall correctly. So the lack of sunlight makes Finns naturally pale and FINSANITY means you are simply mutating.

Is there a known cure for FINSANITY?

Pharmaceutical companies are trying to find a cure for FINSANITY but so far all their efforts have been in vain. Majority of people, I would say around 98% live happily being FINSANE but those remaining 2% who want to be cured can try different detoxing methods which we don't endorse and if you plan on detoxing yourself from FINSANITY you should NEVER do it alone. And by this I am referring to the withdrawal symptoms described above. And since FINSANITY hasn't been approved as a real medical term you can't detox yourself in any facilities which leaves you the only option by doing it yourself at the establishment of your own choice.

How to live happily with FINSANITY?

Well this is the easiest part. Keep doing what you have been doing. Take your daily dose of Finland and you will be just fine. We have started a group in Facebook called Finsane where you all can share your love for Finland. We will put things there daily to satisfy your needs so all you need to do is join the group. Join Finsane in Facebook here.

Are you guys serious?!

Yes of course and of course not cheesey We started the FINSANE group in Facebook for a very simple reason. Facebook pages are losing their relevance and it doesn't actually matter anymore how many followers you have in your page since majority of your followers never see your posts unless they visit the actual page. It is more and more difficult to get in peoples news-feed through Facebook pages and it's very frustrating. With FINSANE group we are able to be in touch with our members easier and better you won't miss that much than you would by just following our Facebook page.

FINSANE group is a closed group so you all need to join and be accepted. Everyone will be accepted of course. Only reason we keep it closed is for spammers and if we get members who just spam we can control them.

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