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What was the latest album from a Finnish band that simply made you go wow and in a good way

  • I think this is a good topic to start the recommendations. Also please explain what was the wow factor on the album.

    I had to think about this quite a bit to be honest and I think the last album that gave me that wow factor was "Fast Loud Death" by "Lost Society". Now to consider that album was released 2013 and we are living 2017 now it's in a way sad that nothing since that has wowed me. But at the same time I have to admit there are MANY albums I still need to go through so hopefully something mindblowing will come up XD

    But why was this album such a wow for me? I think first of all it was cause I wasn't expecting anything from it. I stumbled on it after seeing an interview of Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom saying these guys are definately worth checking. So I did. And for weeks I only listened to that same album over and over again. And with great luck they just happened to play in that years Tuska Festival so I was able to catch them live too.

    I was already a fan before the Tuska show but I was even a bigger fan after. They played relatively early on saturday and there were strangely many people already when usually they are still suffering from last night. But for those who were there got a real treat cause that band was INSANE. I just watched the entire show completely blown away how these young 18-year olds took the stage and owned it. As much as I hate talking about genres but Lost Society was a breath of fresh air to the thrash-metal scene. Sadly I haven't focused on their next 2 albums as intensily as I did with their debut album but now that Metal From Finland is back up and running I most certainly will. And you should too!

    Lost Society in Metal From Finland

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