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NIGHTWISH: New Singer's Identity Revealed?

Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat is reporting that NIGHTWISH has already chosen a replacement for singer Tarja Turunen, but the band is carefully guarding her identity. However, according to Ilta-Sanomat, the new vocalist is none other than former TRISTANIA frontwoman Vibeke Stene (Photo#1, Photo#2).

There are a number of signs pointing to the fact that Vibeke is Tarja's replacement in NIGHTWISH. For example, influential European music business person Frank Stroebele (manager for WITHIN TEMPTATION and ANASTACIA) recently asked an Ilta-Sanomat reporter, "Have you heard who the new singer of NIGHTWISH is? I understand that it is Vibeke."

Vibeke quit TRISTANIA last month "due to personal reasons," making the timing of her departure perfect if she were to join NIGHTWISH.

However, the only public information about the new vocalist that has come out of the NIGHTWISH camp so far has been offered by the group's manager, Ewo Pohjola (a.k.a. Ewo Rytkönen) of King Foo Entertainment. "She is getting along very well with the guys," he said. "She is very talented, clever and sweet."


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