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NIGHTWISH Leader Answers Fans' Questions

NIGHTWISH leader/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen recently answered a few questions from the readers of Norway's VG Nett. Read the questions and Tuomas' responses (in English) at this location.

A 15-minute audio interview with Tuomas Holopainen and NIGHTWISH's new vocalist Anette Olzon conducted by Norway's Metal Express Radio (web site) has been posted online at this location.

NIGHTWISH's new CD, "Dark Passion Play" is scheduled for release on September 28 via Nuclear Blast Records (most of Europe), September 26 via Spinefarm Records/Universal (Finland) and October 2 via Roadrunner Records (USA).

Check out the cover artwork at this location.

The "Amaranth" single will precede the album on August 24 (Nuclear Blast) and August 22 (Spinefarm/Universal). It will be available in several different versions, the details of which will be announced later.

To see the "Amaranth" cover artwork, click here.


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