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NIGHTWISH: 'Amaranth' Video Premieres On MTV Finland

NIGHTWISH's video for the group's new single, "Amaranth", debuted on MTV Finland early this morning (Saturday, August 11) and has since gone into regular rotation. The clip will receive its official online premiere on Monday, August 13 at 8:00 a.m. CET via the Nuclear Blast Records web site. The video, which was shot in Los Angeles with director Antti Jokinen (BEYONCÉ, WYCLEF JEAN, KORN, MISSY ELLIOT, STRATOVARIUS, SHANIA TWAIN, CELINE DION), has surfaced on YouTube and can be viewed below.

NIGHTWISH shot two videos in Los Angeles with Antti Jokinen, reportedly at a cost of 270,000 euros (approximately $362,000). "We saved time and money by doing two videos in one session," NIGHTWISH leader Tuomas Holopainen told the Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the new NIGHTWISH video, "Amaranth", has been posted at

NIGHTWISH's new CD, "Dark Passion Play" is scheduled for release on September 28 via Nuclear Blast Records (most of Europe), September 26 via Spinefarm Records/Universal (Finland) and October 2 via Roadrunner Records (USA).

Check out the cover artwork at this location.

The "Amaranth" single will precede the album on August 24 (Nuclear Blast) and August 22 (Spinefarm/Universal). It will be available in several different versions.

To see the "Amaranth" cover artwork, click here.

NIGHTWISH - "Amaranth" video:


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