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NIGHTWISH: Anette Olzon is Pippi Longstocking from Hell!

NIGHTWISH frontman Tuomas Holopainen is anxious on the verge of their new album-release and world tour. Holopainen spoke to Viihdeuutiset on tuesday and told that the amount of feedback concerning their new vocalist has been really surprising and has led to the decision that the band won't start their world-tour from Europe.

Their fanbase is close of being fanatical and their opinions towards Anette has divided strongly. Also their latest single Amaranth and the video made of it has received a lot of criticism. Others miss the dramatical character of Tarja Turunen. Some say that the happy, close to a pop-princesslike Anette is an excellent choice. Some say that such happiness doesn't suit at all for this kind of music.

"Well yes some people are wining about us now having a happy vocalist even though we are playing grim music. But Anette is what she is, a lovely character really. She does have the more dangerous side in her too. She reminds me of Pippi Longstocking from Hell!"

The whole band, including Anette have prepared themselves for every kind of criticism.

"Anette is tough and she will manage. But it doesn't matter how tough times we are facing, she needs to remember that there are 4 others in this band who will always stay on her side."

Holopainen believes that the new vocalist will bring new listeners to Nightwish.

"There has been many people that have always liked Nightwish music but the vocals was always a bit too artistic for their taste. Now their ears can adjust to Anette's voice more easily. Surely we are going to lose many fans simply cause of the fact that Tarja is no longer in the band. She was an icon but hopefully we will get new fans as well."

Nightwish fears the crowds in Europe

Nighwish starts their world-tour later this year. Their new album "Dark Passion Play" is released at the end of September and the tour starts in the beginning of October. During 3 months they will visit 7 different countries in 3 different continents. USA-leg lasts over a month and contains 23 shows.

According to Tuomas, the band doesn't dare to start the tour from Finland, not to mention Europe.

"We simply don't dare to start the tour from Finland or Europe cause we have a new vocalist and we have been away for almost 2 years. That's why we go to USA first to get the feeling back cause the expectations towards us isn't so huge there than it is here."

Watch the video for the interview here. (in Finnish)


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