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NIGHTWISH Mainman Answers Fans' Questions

Nightwish have posted a new "Nightmail" session featuring fan questions answered by the group's keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen on their official website.

A couple of excerpts follow:

Q: Why did you choose a singer like Anette to replace Tarja? Don't you think that the vocalist of NW should be an opera singer? Don't you think that you're changing the idea of the band this way?
Tuomas: The idea of the band was originally to do just acoustic campfire music. So the idea was already changed 10 years ago.
Also, Nightwish quit with the operatic vocals already in the Century Child album, and ever since. People complain that the opera is now gone with Anette in the band, I think it has already been gone for the past 5 years.
A band should never be a prisoner of a format. This is a change all the members in the band wanted to do. You always need to follow your heart in what you want to do, otherwise you'll end up being a whore. Nightwish is not a music style, it's 5 people who do the kind of music they want, the way they want, with the tools they have.
Selfish, but honest.

Q: What is Amaranth to you?
Tuomas: It's something ultimately beautiful and perfect, and if life blesses you with one, you need to caress and love it unconditionally.

Q: In the studio diary you wrote that you had to cut off a part of one of the lyrics, which song was and what did it say?
Tuomas: It was the spoken boy soprano's part in "The Pacific" -section of the song "The Poet And The Pendulum". It was too obscene for the kid to recite (according to the choirmaster, and I must agree...), so I modified it a bit and put it in for Marco to sing.

Read the entire question-and-answer session at this location.


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