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NIGHTWISH: We left the opera-thins already years ago

Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish tells that he has mixed feelings about publicity. On the other hand it is terrifying but it can also be very rewarding.

"I don't like publicity. Yet I feel strange satisfaction when reading a nice review of our album and see the albumcover next to it. Also when an innocent child asks for my autograph in the middle of street or when someone buys me a beer in a bar", Tuomas reveals.

The change in Nightwish through Anette has made many fans wonder about the band but Tuomas ensures that the operastuff were long gone even before that.

"When the original idea of Nightwish was to make nice campfire-music, one could say that the idea already changed 10 years ago. We also dropped the operavocals before Century Child-album. People are complaining now that we have left out the operavocals but in my opinion, we left them already 5 years ago."

Tuomas also thinks that a band should never be a prisoner for any specific format.

"This was the music that everyone in the band wanted and one must follow the heart. Otherwise you start selling out. Nightwish is not a style or genre. It is a vision of 5 musicians and their view how to make music. Selfish? You bet. True? Damn straight!"

Tuomas Holopainen has also revealed something about his taste in women on their official website.

"Damn this is going to be so dreamwoman would be the mixture of a regular girl from the neighbour, Belle from the Beauty and the Beast and the character of Christina Ricci in Sleepy Hollow."


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