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NIGHTWISH: Gaming Soundtrack Appearance Scheduled - "The Witcher"

NIGHTWISH have agreed to appear in the soundtrack for the Atari-role playing game - "The Witcher"

The best from both worlds: Nuclear Blast and the well-established Atari have fixed a cooperation for the high quality-game. Finish superstars NIGHTWISH will deliver the soundtrack with their current single "Amaranth", taken from the upcoming album "Dark Passion Play."

The song will be the background music of the fantasy-event and will be available as a bonus track on the game.

"Thanks to the cooperation with the worldwide famous band NIGHTWISH we can emphasize the premium character of our action-role play. Not only the moody music of the band and the deep atmosphere of "The Witcher" are going together very well. Also when it comes to cross-marketing, a lot of interesting possibilities and synergies can be found." - Atari have placed a statement.

Fans can look forward to an exclusive, big give away-contest with many rare and signed merch articles.

"The Witcher" returns to its fantasy roots and offers, at the same time, a new, modern approach. Clear morals, a strong hero's character and a strict line between good and evil – but that's not what "The Witcher" wants to preach. The players can expect a colourful gaming world full of difficult moral decisions that will challenge them again and again. Best entertainment for hardcore fans as well as for newcomers that are into overwhelming action.

Source: Nuclear Blast

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