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NIGHTWISH: Secret Gig Report!

The japanese Nightwish cover band "SUSHI PATROL" that was supposed to play at the Dark Passion Play release party in Hamburg on September, 28 turned out to be the real Nightwish!

They played a phenomenous gig in front of 500 hungry people (the location was sold out!) It was only the third concert with Anette on vocals and the first one in Germany at all! The fan reactions were amazing.

During the concert, a Nuclear Blast representative handed over a cheque of 10,000 Euros to the German Child Charity Foundation Die Arche (The Arch.) It was agreed that all the income from the European downloads of the internet-only single would be donated to this foundation. The next day, the band had a glorious singing session at the Saturn store in Hamburg which was attended by 800 fans. The people had the possiblity to get their purchased copies of the new Dark Passion Play signed directly.

Source: Nuclear Blast

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