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NIGHTWISH Bassist Vocalist MARCO HIETALA Makes Guest Appearance On SONATA ARCTICA Guitarist's Forthcoming Solo Album

SONATA ARCTICA guitarist Elias Viljanen has issued the following update from the recotrding sessions for his new as-yet-untitled solo album:

"February 3rd - 10th. The recording of the rest of the solos, the bass and some serious singing...

On Tuesday, the 3rd, I started finishing the lead guitars. It took a couple of days and I was so relieved when I finally got it wrapped!! I did some great melodies, harmonies and shredding. Also the keyboard tracks by Mr. Klingenberg were put to place. There's goin' to be a little bit of keytar soloing as well.

Then on Friday, Mr. Jaan Wessman visited us and did a bass for one song called 'Beautiful Piece'. He used his fretless bass, so it turned out to be really cool sounding.

Monday was off but on the following day I got a real pleasure to have Mr. Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH / TAROT) to be a guest vocalist on my record. He´s suberb! It´s amazing to hear his voice in my own, tiny little song. Anyway the song turned out to be a killer! Just wait until you hear it!

So, the rest is now up to mixing and masterin' and I´m still waiting to hear Mr. Kakko's performance in one song that he's doing for my album. But I'm sure it will be a killer as well!"

As previously reported, APOCALYPTICA drummer Mikko Sirén, EVERGREY / ex-STRATOVARIUS bassist Jari Kainulainen and Sonata Arctica keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg have contributed to the album. More details will be revealed soon.


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