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NIGHTWISH´s singer: "Tarja seems like a very nice and sweet person"

NIGHTWISH´s singer ANETTE OLZON has posted several new blog entries in the "blog" section of her official website. A part of her made-by-fans interview follows below.

Iona said:
The first one is:where did you bought the beautiful ring with black stone?and the stone is Onyx?
And the second one:Will be a signing session at ARTmania festival with Nightwish?

Hi there,
I bought the ring in South america in the middle of the djungle in this ecological store. It´s onyx and silver;=)
I don´t think so, I havent heard anything about any signing session in any festival.

Sparkling lily said:
1) What would you take on a desert island?
2) What is your favourite perfume?
3) What/who makes you laugh?
4) Do you love your beloved fans, aka us? (ah ah, no forget this one, it's a joke... of course you do!)

1. My son and boyfriend
2. Lolita lempicka
3. My son laughing
4. Of course I do!! ;=)

MiPaTi said:
My question: do you still have your V50 car or did you change it in the mean time ( if yes, what car has now this aweful scratch on the side?

I still have the volvo but it´s out for sale. I have bought a new car, a BMW. I needed a bigger one and this is my dream car;=) and it´s the BMW that has a scratch;=( will be fixed next month though

Lissie Holopainen said;
1. Do you get bothered of some "fans" so hard that you only thought "WTF.. get away from me!!"?
2. How do you feel if some fan recognizes you on street? How do you react?
3. How is the work with the guys of Nightwish? I think it's sometimes hard because you are the only woman ;)! But I can figure that it is really fun too

and the last questions:
4. How would you react if you meet Tarja?

Hi there!
1. Well, not so often, luckily. It happens though;=)
2. It´s nice but at the same time I can feel, like, hmm...this is strange.. if you understand what I mean? I still can´t relate so much to being someone people recognize. I still feel that I am just Anette...
3. They are so nice, the boys;=) We have a great time and I think we all are so different but those differences are what makes us such a great team;=)
4. I would love to meet her. I hope it will happen one day. She seems like a very nice and sweet person and I love her voice, so it would be nice to be able to say that to her in person;=)

Julie said;
For my part i would like to know : In which countries you would like to live ( except Sweden)?
Then : Why did you decide to learn french? :)

Hi Julie,
I like Copenhagen, Denmark very much. It´s a cool city with a relaxed vibe in the people and I love danish fashion. And Canada would be nice too.
I studied french in school. I have always liked the language so it was what made me choose it.

The whole interview is available  here:


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