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NIGHTWISH: Marco Hietala interview "I have started singing more since Anette joined the band"

Victoria Maksimovich of conducted an interview with Nightwish bassist/vocalist Marco Hietala. Couple of excerpts from the interview below:

" So how is your Dark Passion Play tour with Nightwish going?

Hietala: "Last tour has been quite rewarding, we had a new start, totally new singer with Nightwish. So, we were pretty confident about the album and the songs, but of course we had to find out if people would like this stuff, if they would come to the shows. And they did, which was really a relief and a nice thing. Of course, touring mainly is that you do the shows and you enjoy that basically every night. But also the timetable was a little more hectic and the touring was more extensive than what we've done before. In that way it was also pretty stressful and hard at time. Basically everybody should know what it is: we've been getting a lack of sleep, long travel hours, lots of time when you do nothing. And then all you waiting for is hour and a half, hour and 40 minutes for every evening to do the show and you basically try to reserve all your energy for that. You get a lot of time to get bored, a lot of time to think that you could be somewhere doing something else instead of just waiting and waiting and waiting and travelling and travelling and travelling. So that is the one side of the business that sucks." And actually you had to cancel some of the gigs. So were you a little happier because you could take a break during that tour?

Hietala: "No. It was in the USA that we had to cancel four shows, because Annette got sick and there was nothing much you could do. But then again I would have rather done the shows, because that's why we were there. And we basically had just five days off, not doing anything except for having too much to drink and got to meet some people and sign some autographs. Basically we end up saying we were sorry for the evening, but we would really like to do the shows." I have noticed that since Annette had come to the band, you started singing much more than you did before, or, at least, during the live shows it is quite obvious that you are much more involved into singing process.

Hietala: "Yeah, it was quite easy, because there were a lot of parts that I could do, so it was easy to integrate that stuff into a live set. We wanted in to be easier for Annette to come in. I don't know how things will work in future when she has some more albums behind her. When there is more material, the things might change into another direction as well." Comparing Tarja and Annette, what is the difference in feeling when you are on stage with either of them?

Hietala: "Well, with Tarja the thing was that she had the stage persona which required more distance. Annette is more of a walker, more down to earth. She goes around and talks to people and tries to get them going. So those are definite differences. And I don’t want to complain about either: Tarja did what was suitable for her, it fitted her style, it fitted her persona. Annette does what she knows how to do and what she is confident with. And for me those things work." There is a new era for Nightwish music, so are you comfortable with the changes musically as well?

Hietala: "Yeah, we rehearsed and wrote the new album already before we had a vocalist for the band. We were already pretty confident about a bunch of songs that we had at that time: 'Yeah, it’s gonna be a kicker of an album.' One thing was that we had to find the singer and of course it would have been quite easy to try out something quite similar to Tarja, because we tons of demo CDs from girls with opera voices. Some of them were pretty good, but we thought that it would be a bold and good move to go on with something totally different. We wanted to try it out and then we thought that Annette would probably be the best for that. And it seems so far this stuff has been working well." What is your favourite Nightwish song at the moment?

Hietala: "I think it is 'Poet And The Pendulum'. I like the challenge of this song: it has got all the atmosphere changes, all the moods, key changes, tempo changes, and then you still have to keep the whole massive piece together, to have a red line going through the song from the start to the finish. So it’s a challenging piece and I really like that. And then the other one of course, that has a special place in my heart, is The Islander. I wrote the music for the song, and then again it’s something totally different from the rest of the live set. You have quite little elements there, the main thing is the acoustic guitar and then the vocal line, and all the rest is basically just the background. You’ve got to create the tension and captivate people with the acoustic and with the vocal line. And those are the essentials that you’ve got to make it work.""

Read the entire interview at this location.


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