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NIGHTWISH: Anette Olzon says her collapse was a wakeup-call for the entire band

Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon has revealed in the new Soundi-magazine the reasons behind her collapse on last November.

Swedish-native Anette collapsed totally while Nightwish was playing in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The collapse raised many speculations about the chemistry and situations inside the band.

Anette reveals in the interview how the touring-life came to her as a bit of a surprise.

"Until that gig (Belo Horizonte) I managed to be pretty much perfect. But I am a person, not a machine. A person can take stress to a certain limit but on that concert it simply went overboard. The moment of collapse is not nice to anyone but it cleared a lot of air inside the band", Anette reveals.

Her collapse ment a change to the whole band.

"Of course it was a wakeup-call to the whole group. We had to think if there was something wrong in our working habits and should we change something. But things don't always go like in the movies. In a community there are always people you get along better than with others. We don't have to love everyone as long as we remember to respect and understand each other with the best of our abilities."

The news of Anette walking off stage in Belo Horizonte (November 11th 2008)

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