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First Two Albums From ANETTE OLZON's Pre-NIGHTWISH Band ALYSON AVENUE Re-Released

Two first albums from singer Anette Olzon's pre-NIGHTWISH band, the Swedish AOR act ALYSON AVENUE, have been re-released via Yesterrock Records.

Commented the group: "Fans all over the world has asked us where they could buy the two first ALYSON AVENUE albums, 'Presence of Mind' and 'Omega'. The original print of these two albums has been sold out for quite some time now but we are now extremely happy to announce that ALYSON AVENUE has teamed up with Yesterrock to re-release ALYSON AVENUE's two first albums!

"The re-release 'Presence Of Mind' compilation is a copy of the initial album released in 2000. The new 'Omega' compilation is a totally reworked album where a lot of tracks has been re-recorded to better be in line with how the band wants the album to sound like compared to the original 2004 release of 'Omega'. The new 'Omega' compilation also has added material in the form of five demo songs that did not make it in to the original release for different reasons."

For more information, visit the band's official web site.

Video footage of ALYSON AVENUE performing the song All This Time" on May 29, 2005 at KB in Malmö, Sweden can be viewed below. The clip in question features Olzon (then known by her married name Anette Blyckert; she has since divorced) alongside Niclas Olsson (keyboards and songwriting), Thomas Löyskä (bass), Tony Rohtla (guitar) and Fredrik Eriksson (drums).

Olzon made her recording debut with NIGHTWISH on the band's sixth album, "Dark Passion Play", which came out in September 2007.


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