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NIGHTWISH Performs In Finnish Castle; Photos, Report Available attended NIGHTWISH's August 15, 2009 concert at the Olavinlinna castle in Savonlinna, Finland.

Check out gig pictures and a report on this truly memorable performance.

A posting on the site reads: "If there is a perfect location for a certain band to perform, then NIGHTWISH must have found theirs. It is situated in a city called Savonlinna, in the southeast of Finland. One middle-August weekend the band invaded the legendary castle Olavinlinna and shook its medieval rocky walls for two days. It was an absolutely unique experience both for the band and the audience — to be a part of a concert which undoubtedly can be considered as the most epic show in the history of Finnish metal music."

Radio Lynx has posted video footage of NIGHTWISH's press conference at this year's Artmania Festival, which was held July 17-19 in Sibiu, Romania. The 14-minute question-and-answer session can be viewed below.

Bazillion Points Books is offering a free download of "Chapter 5. The Upward Spiral", excerpted from the newly released North American edition of "Once Upon a Nightwish: The Official Biography 1996-2006", by Mape Ollila.

Joining the book in progress at the start of 2000 during the aftermath of "Oceanborn", this chapter gives inside perspective on events including NIGHTWISH's early gigs with RAGE and future bassist Marco Hietala's early band SINERGY; singer Tarja Turunen's bloody battles with mosquitoes in the wilds of Finland; the band and chief songwriter Tuomas Holopainen's rarely discussed and ill-fated flirtation with the Eurovision song contest; and the creation of what would ultimately be the breakthrough "Wishmaster" CD.

The sample chapter can be downloaded from Bazillion Points Books at this location.


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