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NIGHTWISH: X-mas present - Lokikirja-box that contains all their albums

NIGHTWISH will release Lokikirja-box on November. It will contain all their albums and with tha box comes a nice booklet with pictures and lyrics.

Lokikirja will be released on November 11th so it's available nicely on time for Christmas. Lokikirja-box contains the following albums: Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster, Over The Hills And Far Away, Century Child, Bless The Child - The Rarities, Once and Dark Passion Play.

Dark Passion Play that was release couple of years ago has sold already quadruple platinum, almost 130 000 albums. After the release they started their world-tour that contained almost 200 shows around the world. Their last show was in sold-out Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland on september 19th.

Nightwish will return in 2011 with a new album.

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