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NIGHTWISH Singer Anette Olzon Commences Work On New Solo Album In Stockholm

NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon has issued the following update:

"I am at my hotel room in Stockholm after a day full of creating songs in the studio together with Stefan and Johan. Its been really nice and also fun to sit down and making songs together. We have one song that is ready to record some vocals on tomorrow and then two more ideas that we will work more with. Now I just need to write some more lyrics to them, in my own private space.

This will be so great and its so nice to have such great songwriters and musicians to help me with the songs. We work that way that we sit down by the piano and the guitar and just try melodies etc and then I write down lyrics and we try and test the structure of the song. Then Johan goes and puts drums, bass etc in the computer to get the music recorded for me to test-sing it. Then we work from there. It's so nice to create songs like this, I haven't done that since we started ALYSON AVENUE, so its been a while but I'll soon get a hang of it again.

And I really like the sound of it already!

Now: time to write some lyrics writing before I fall head's tired.

Sleep well!"


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