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NIGHTWISH Drummer Issues Part 5 Of Summer Camp Diary

NIGHTWISH drummer Jukka Nevalainen has checked in with the following update:

"When checking the pictures from our summer camp, one might think that it's all about fishing, watersports and boozing. That's actually mostly true... but we have gotten something done here musicwise too! And hey, we never said this is a band camp, it's a SUMMER CAMP!!! =)

Last weekend Marco abandoned us three here to take care of his responsibilities with TAROT and NORTHERN KINGS. We decided to rehearse the last piece, a monster of a song and to go through parts of the other songs that we yet didn't feel 100% satisfied with. We came up with plenty of little tricks that bring some needed final edge to the songs; some overlong fills, little breaks and some little time signature changes. The last song turned out to be a great tune that would have enough parts for three full songs, but which still forms a tight entirety of fast riffing, slow, beautiful mood and heavy-duty-rhythm.

On Monday we took a day off and headed to the lake with a professional fishing team. You've probably already seen some of the catches from the picture section. It's encouraging to see that fishing is not just a matter of good luck. Knowledge and the gear has a big effect on the results. But of course, to catch a real big one you need a little blessing from above…

On Thursday we went to see a baseball match of KIPA-90, our local pride. The team played really well, but unfortunately the opponent was slightly better. It's already the end of the season and at the very moment of writing this diary the last game ended in defeat so for us the season is over. But the team showed great potential and hopefully next year we hold the cup.

On the weekend we had some friends coming over, including Sami Vänskä and we spent a weekend full of watersports, darts and laughter. The best activity being seated in a 'doughnut' and going with full speed behind the boat. You know it's real good when fun and pure terror meet in a midway. I also finally got myself to try water skiing with just one water ski, and to everybody's surprise I nailed it on a first try! What a mighty feeling it was! JIHAA!!!

Now we are taking time off until Thursday. Once in a while it's good to take some distance to the songs to have a fresh view.

Take care now, bye bye then!"


A photo gallery from Week 5 of the band's summer camp is available here.

As previously reported, Nightwish will hit the studio on October 15th.


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