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NIGHTWISH Members Launch THE MYÖTÄHÄPEÄ; Video Available

While taking a short break from the songwriting sessions for their new studio album in "the deepest countryside of Finland," several members of the Finnish/Swedish symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH have launched a fun new project called THE MYÖTÄHÄPEÄ. According to NIGHTWISH keyboardist/mainman Tuomas Holopainen, "This amazing group of mind-blowing virtuosity combined with a versatile repertoire includes such names as Heikki Kovalainen of F1 LOTUS on the drums, and Mr. Toni Virtanen on the vocals. Jukka [Nevalainen, drums] took over the keys, whereas Emppu [Vuorine, guitar] and me swapped between guitar and bass to make it a real challenge. Jamppa Lautamäki of the NIGHTWISH website fame filled the first open backing vocals position, but there's still room for more behind the mics."

He added, "Our setlist now consists of two classics of two bands we've been fans of forever ('Sukset' by POPEDA and 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' by METALLICA) but with an intro and outro, Toni's magnificent speaks in between the songs, a bass solo and fireworks we will be able to put up a fantastic full-lenth rock show anytime, anywhere.

"Well, we still have that ballad to rehearse, there's nothing like seeing a lighter-sea of 80,000 people swaying gently to 'Nothing Else Matters' or 'Winds Of Change'."

Video footage of THE MYÖTÄHÄPEÄ's first-ever rehearsals can be viewed below.

NIGHTWISH is scheduled to enter the studio on October 15 to begin recording its new album for a late 2011 release.

NIGHTWISH played a special homecoming show in September 2009 at the sold-out, 11,000-capacity Hartwall Arena in Helsinki to mark the end of the band's colossal "Dark Passion Play" two-year world tour.

NIGHTWISH is not expected to play any more shows until the release of the band's next studio album.


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