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NIGHTWISH Singer: No Solo Album Until Band Is Done Touring In Support Of 'Imaginarium'

NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon has decided to push back the tentative release date of her debut solo album to after the band has completed touring in support of its new studio album, "Imaginarium".

"I had planned to release my solo album now when we have had a break from NIGHTWISH," Olzon writes on her official blog. "The solo was meant to be a fun thing and a thing for me to start doing my own songs since that is something I feel I want to learn more about. When I got pregnant with Nemo [Anette's second son and first with current boyfriend, bassist Johan Husgafvel of the Swedish metal band PAIN], I felt that I didn't want to stress during the pregnancy since my pregnancy with Seth [Anette's older son] was hard and I had to take it very easy. So to not 'jump in' and promise things I couldn't keep, I put the solo down.

"When Nemo came, and I felt that he was healthy and I also felt good, I started to feel that I could put the album out and still had time to do that. We started to discuss with different labels, but the progress took so much time and things happened along the way — the biggest thing being a producer who suddenly couldn't do it due to personal problems — and all of a sudden it was April and my time is running out. So I pulled the break yesterday and just said 'thanks, but no thanks' to the record label 'cause it can't be done at this time.

"My autumn is quite full with 'Imaginarium', so the solo [album] will have to wait to be released. I will work with the production of the songs when I have the time and if I get a song ready, I will put it out for you all to listen, but there won't be an album out. Then, after 'Imaginarium' and the tour — if I still feel like releasing it — I will do that then."

Olzon worked on material for her solo CD in 2009 with Swedish producers Stefan Örn and Johan Glössner. The album was slated to be co-produced by Swedish producer/songwriter Anders Bagge, who has previously worked with MADONNA, CELINE DION, JANET JACKSON and JESSICA SIMPSON, among others. He was also one of judges on the Swedish TV talent competition "Idol" and a producer of the TV series "Made in Sweden".

Olzon in 2009 hired a personal manager — the Swedish management company Hagenburg Management, which also represents EUROPE and THE CARDIGANS.


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