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NIGHTWISH's Tuomas Holopainen Is Hopeful Imaginaerum Will Have A Theatrical Release In Finland, Canada

NIGHTWISH mainman Tuomas Holopainen spoke with Niclas Müller-Hansen from Sweden's Metal Shrine yesterday at Warner Music in Stockholm. Here are a few excerpts from the chat:

Metal Shrine: What came first? Did the movie idea for Imaginaerum come first or the album?

Holopainen: "The movie idea came first. It was the very first thing that came into my mind. It was the summer of 2007 and we had just finished Dark Passion Play and I started to think 'What's gonna be next?' This is so insanely diverse and big that we need to come up with something original for the next album and it just occurred to me that we have always been on the cinematic side with things so why not put it into realization and do an actual movie and make a soundtrack based on the movie? That's how the original idea was born."

Metal Shrine: Are you guys doing any acting as well?

Holopainen: "Not really and that was something that I emphasized to the director and the screenwriter from the very beginning, 'Don't put us there!' This is supposed to be a credible and believable drama movie with a lot of fantasy, 'So don't put the band there!' He insisted that we were shown because it's a Nightwish movie, so in two scenes we play as a band and then I have this very little role of an older guy, but none of us have any lines, but you can see us in cameo roles."

Metal Shrine: The plan for it then? Is the plan to show it in movie theatres or is it going to be on a DVD? Is it going worldwide?

Holopainen: "They're hoping for the best and I think it's gonna be a theatrical release at least in Finland and Canada since it's a Finnish – Canadian production, but I have my doubts about the commercial success of this because it's a bit more on the cult side. The main thing is just that we get it done and I think it's gonna be a really good movie, but I don't really see a big commercial success to it, but you never know. When it comes to distribution, all the people just want to see the trailer first, before they make any decisions if they take it to the theatres. We'll have to wait until January for that."

Read the entire interview here.

Nuclear Blast Germany have unveiled a number of formats for Nightwish's upcoming album, Imaginaerum, and their 'Storytime' single as detailed below:

Imaginaerum Mail Order Edition: limited and numbered to 1000 copies, the boxset includes the double digipak, the one-track-single 'Rest Calm' in its demo version featuring Marco Hietala on vocals and the exclusive Imaginaerum mirror:

Imaginaerum Two-CD digi pack featuring instrumental version of the album as bonus CD:

Imaginaerum Marbled Vinyl: Strictly limited to 250 marbled 180g double gatefold LPs incl. a DIN A2 poster:

'Storytime' CD Single featuring 'Storytime' (radio edit), 'Storytime' (album version), 'Storytime' (instrumental version):

'Storytime' Single Clear, White and Dark Blue Vinyl: Strictly limited to 250 lush 10" gatefold mini albums. Featuring 'Storytime' (radio edit), 'Storytime' (album version), 'Storytime' (instrumental version):

For more details visit

Nightwish will release their new album, Imaginaerum on the following dates:

Finland - November 30th
Europe - December 2nd
Australia - January 6th
North America - January 10th
Japan - January 11th
New Zealand - January 16th

The album is the band's first since 2007's Dark Passion Play, which was then-new singer Anette Olzon's debut.

The band examined its catalog when sitting down to write what would become Imaginaerum. The songs for the album were written between 2008 and 2010, after the Dark Passion Play tour cycle ended. At that point, Nightwish knew they wanted to do something different, new and unique, which is exceptional for a band whose career has been defined by words like different, new and unique!

The band consciously wanted to do something so big, crossover, detailed, innovative and, well, "nuts," that it would leave the band, and hopefully the people experiencing it, completely awestruck. It would be a situation where fans and/or critics would either love it or hate it, but they'd be left awestruck nonetheless. That's when the band realized another dimension, namely video, was necessary for the project. Instead of a concept album, the band set the album to a film.

"The original idea I had was to film 13 short stories related to the songs with a connected storyline, shot by Stobe Harju," keyboardist/songwriter Tuomas Holopainen said. It was Harju's idea to turn the 13 stories and visions into more of a connected cinematic piece – essentially, a film. It would have a clear plot, script, dialogue and real actors in an ambitious effort to create something wholly unique.The film was shot in September of this year.

The movie is based on the album and its 13 tracks, honoring the original ideas, but having evolved radically from the initial plan.

Holopainen said," Still, it was important from the very beginning that the album would work as its own individual piece of art, as well. It is a thematic album about life itself, about imagination, love, goodness and beauty, with a touch of darkness and melancholy, which are strongly included in all of those things mentioned." As if we could expect anything less from Nightwish!

The band will have but a small part in the film. A 2012 premiere date is being eyed. Imaginaerum: an audiovisual testament of what Nightwish have always been about.

The track listing for Imaginaerum is as follows (note that track 12 is broken down into four parts):

'Ghost River'
'Slow, Love, Slow'
'I Want My Tears Back'
'Turn Loose The Mermaids'
'Rest Calm'
'The Crow, The Owl And The Dove'
'Last Ride Of The Day'
'Song Of Myself'
Song 1: 'From A Dusty Bookshelf'
Song 2: 'All That Great Heart Lying Still'
Song 3: 'Piano Black'
Song 4: 'Love'



Nightwish will release their new single, 'Storytime', on Friday, November 11th. The single is available as a pre-sale as CD (digipak) and 10'' MLP (gatefold) versions.



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