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NIGHTWISH - Director Stobe Harju Issues Imaginaerum Movie Update:

Stobe Harju, the Director of NIGHTWISH' upcoming Imaginaerum movie, has issued the following update from Helsinki, Finland:

"Dear friends of Nightwish and the Imaginaerum movie.

This must be the hardest update I had to write because of my principal "hands on" work is getting less frequent. For that, I feel emptier than ever.

As most of you may know, we finished the director's cut for the film. Everyone involved in the screening sessions were very happy and gave precious feedback that made the director's cut. I can say this now, we are very, very, very happy with the cut. There are many people who deserve our appreciation, they are fellow directors, co-writers, actors and producers. There is still editing required for the visual effects to make us stay in the budget. This phase eventually makes the film and is crucial to the success of the final movie. Again, we are living exciting times.

Now, filmmaking is mostly about letting go. Besides the editing, I had to say farewell to my very good friend and the editor of the film, Mathieu Bélanger, and his fantastic family who joined me in Finland for couple months. The heart and soul Mathieu put into this film cannot be described by words and I'm sure, our paths will cross in the future and in another project.

Now, the film is in the good hands of another friend of mine Joshua Sherrett, his Workshop and the great team of Vision Global in Montreal. Their visual effects and their early concept sketches have blown us away several times already, and finally, they get to show us the meaning of the word "magic". Believe me when I say we've seen some pretty exciting stuff so far.

As my work continues with them it also continues with Petri Alanko and the soundtrack he's producing with Tuomas. It's miraculous how these guys can pull off something completely different but at the same time similar with the Imaginaerum album songs. Well, it must be the 350 tracks per song on the album that give that possibility for the variations. Those crazy bastards.

It's just a matter of time when we have got something new and special to show you. We hope it's quick because we can't wait either.

Meanwhile, the great people working on Imaginaerum would like to thank you all and wish you a magical Christmas and imaginative New Year! May your dreams come true."

Chart positions have surfaced for the Imaginaerum studio album, which recently entered the charts of Nightwish' home country Finland at #1.

Imaginaerum chart positions:

Finland: #1
Sweden: #3
Switzerland: #3
Germany: #6
Austria: #9
Slovenia: #13
Ireland Indie: #15
Czech: #16
Norway: #17
Poland: #18
Hungary: #21
Holland: #24 (Holland Indie: #12)
Italy: #32
France: #33
Portugal: #33
Belgium Flanders: #44
Spain: #49
Belgium: #51
Denmark: #55
Belgium Wallonia: #64
UK: #69 (UK Rock: #3; UK Indie: #7)

Imaginaerum is the band's first album since 2007's Dark Passion Play, which was then-new singer Anette Olzon's debut. The tracklisting for Imaginaerum is as follows (note that track 12 is broken down into four parts):

'Ghost River'
'Slow, Love, Slow'
'I Want My Tears Back'
'Turn Loose The Mermaids'
'Rest Calm'
'The Crow, The Owl And The Dove'
'Last Ride Of The Day'
'Song Of Myself'
Song 1: 'From A Dusty Bookshelf'
Song 2: 'All That Great Heart Lying Still'
Song 3: 'Piano Black'
Song 4: 'Love'

Check out's review of Imaginaerum at this location.

Full length audio samples from Imaginaerum have surfaced on YouTube. Check out a few of the clips below:

'I Want My Tears Back'


'Last Ride Of The Day'

'Turn Loose The Mermaids'

Click here for more.

Nightwish, who issued Imaginaerum in Europe on December 2nd, have renovated and revamped their official website to coincide with the release. Go to to check it out.


KORPIKLAANI - "Our Merch Guy Almost Got Killed Once By A Fan Because We Didn?t Play 'Happy Little Boozer'"

Mark Morton at the Examiner recently caught up with KORPIKLAANI guitarist Cane (real name: Kalle Savijärvi) and vocalist/guitarist Jonne Järvelä. An excerpt from the interview is available below:

Q: What goes into the emotional base of each album? The last album, Karkelo was light and romping, but the one before it, Korven Kuningas, was really dark.

Cane: "Of course, we have different kinds of feelings that we put into our music. And what we noticed over time is that people actually want both sides of us."

Q: Do you have any difficulty bringing those worlds together live? I am reminded of W.A.S.P., which has one school of fans completely devoted to the drinking/party/fight songs and another school that swears by the progressive moodiness of The Crimson Idol.

Cane: "We’ve actually been trying to mix that all together, so that everyone gets something. People are always yelling 'Play 'With Trees'' or some other really slow song. Especially girls; I think they like the dark side of us. And the guys are always screaming 'Vodka!' (laughs)"

Q: Since you have fans of different mindsets, does it bother you at all that a portion of your fans are missing out on a big part of Korpiklaani’s charm just because they focus their energy on the drinking songs?

Cane: "Well, as long as they are coming to see us for some reason, I am okay with it. And maybe they will get what they want, and maybe they won’t."

Q: Yeah, but I can’t imagine that you would do a show and not play 'Vodka'. Do you feel obligated to play certain songs, because a portion of your fan base is so loyal to that side of you?

Cane: "No, because we don’t actually play those songs all the time."

Jonne: "But our merch guy almost got killed once by a fan, because we didn’t play 'Happy Little Boozer'."

Click here for the complete interview.


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