S-Tool - Tolerance 0

Tolerance 0S-Tool released their debut album "Tolerance 0" today September 15th and since I didn't have a promo I only heard it today from Spotify. Now I am going entirely against my common policies when writing reviews and write it after listening the album on 2 times. Why? Cause it's so god damn easy to write about something that makes your foot stomp throughout the whole 10 songs on the album that's why!

For those who don't know what or who S-Tool are I can give a very brief introduction: Ville Laihiala (Poisonblack, Sentenced), Aksu Hanttu (Entwine, Tuoni), Sami Leppikangas (Lullacry) and Kimmo Hiltunen (Lullacry). That should be enough.

From the first song on this is very clear: these are men doing what they do best and boys better sit in the corner, listen and learn how it's done. God damn this is when you roll up your sleeves, get serious and do things from your spine. What you get as a result is an experience of 10 excellent songs with insanely good sound. I am actually lacking the vocabulary to express "jumalattoman rehtiä runttausta" but that's what it is. Google translated it to "wicked ruthless ranting" which is quite not what I ment and Google even asked "Did you mean: jumalattoman rehtiä runkkausta"...and no I didn't mean that either cheesey

I usually try to review each song but in this case that is hardly necessary as each and every song is brilliant. There are no leftovers whatsoever. Ville's voice sounds awesome and god damn I have missed hearing Aksu Hanttu in drums! But there is one thing on "Tolerance 0" that is guaranteed: these songs will work live like a bulldozer. In fact while listening to the album I thought to myself how crowd will go completely bananas while listening to these songs.

I will end my review by saying this was a perfect album to start reviewing for new Metal From Finland. Thank you guys!


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