Synestesia – Feeniks

Synesthesia Feenix Synestesia came from the bushes to me. I had them listed in Metal From Finland but for some reason I never payed that much attention to them. But after reading one review of their album “Feeniks” in which they got 10-/10 I simply had to get familiar with their music. So what do we do these days if we want to listen some new bands? Well we visit their Myspace-page of course! Which I did…and boy am I glad that I did that! Well it really didn’t require much to convince me really. Since I got hold of Feeniks-album it has been constantly playing on my iTunes and iPod.

Feeniks is a concept album and the first thing I payed attention to were the lyrics. Those are some “parental advisory” stuff, I love it! If you come to think of it, basically there is only one thing that could prevent Synestesia from becoming a very succesful band outside Finland. It is the fact that they sing in finnish. Songs on Feeniks are relatively short (around 4 minutes) except for the last one “Tuli Palakoon” which is over 6 minutes long.

Instrumental song Suvanto calms down the album very nicely. It’s like calm after the storm but also before the storm! Well as I wrote earlier, Feeniks is a concept album and after Suvanto, the climax of the album starts building up. Once you understand the lyrics you’ll notice that the suspense keeps on growing and growing and it reaches the top on Rakastan Sinua-song. After that comes Tuli Palakoon which is crushing yet very melodic mid-tempo song.

Members of Synestesia are incredible musicians and the songs are written in a way that they are fast, brutal yet melodic. Sounds are supreme. All in all a perfect package. A must have to all fans of melodic death metal.

Tracklist of Feeniks:
Nimeni On Feeniks
Minun Hymyni Kirkastaa Kasvosi
Kuka Nyt Saa Sen Tietää
Puhdas Sattuma
Rakastan Sinua
Tuli Palakoon

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