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Almost every man has faced the difficulty of obtaining or maintaining erection at least once. It is always a great stress. Fortunately, Viagra pills easily fix the problem. Just one tablet can help get rid of erectile dysfunction symptoms and bring back the pleasure of great sex. Moreover, even completely healthy men can use this medication to diversify their sexual lives.

Since Viagra pills prolong sex and brighten sensations, you can take them as a recreational drug. A single Sildenafil capsule taken about half an hour before going to bed or wherever you prefer making love will provide you with a strong and lasting boner and unforgettable orgasm.

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When choosing a dose, mind common recommendations to start with 50 mg Viagra pills, increasing the dosage up to 100 mg per day if needed. Older patients or those who have certain illnesses must stick to 25 mg dosing schedule. Anyway, any person can purchase this highly effective drug on the web even not owning a prescription, which is really comfortable. Moreover, you can buy Viagra pills in various forms and doses to choose the best individual option. Just keep in mind that the most powerful remedy for erectile dysfunction is Sildenafil, the main active ingredient of all the Viagra medicines, except certain natural analogues of the drug. Its efficacy and safety was proven by numerous studies.

Viagra equivalents

Maybe you did not know, but initially Viagra pills were invented to treat certain heart and vascular diseases, not impotence. However, during the very first trials, the participants have noticed its wonderful effect on erection. Since then, the main use of the medication is improving the quality of erection in men. Still, in some cases, the drug is also used to treat other conditions, including pulmonary hypertension. Moreover, not long ago it was found that the blue Viagra pills might beat jet lag.

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In addition to the most popular brand name blue Viagra pills, hundreds of various equivalents of the medicine exist. Most of them contain Sildenafil citrate, which easily copes with erectile dysfunction of almost any origin and helps diversify sex in a safe way. The list of such medications includes generic tablets and natural analogs, regular tablets or capsules and chewable pills, etc. Furthermore, now you can find and purchase Viagra pills enriched with additional ingredients, such as Dapoxetine which prevents premature ejaculation.

Viagra Online

The benefits of online shopping are obvious: purchasing goods on the web is much more comfortable and cheap. That is why more and more men who wish to improve erection and make sex more exciting prefer to buy Viagra online. Let us list the main advantages of getting medicines on the internet.

The first benefit is comfort. Just sit and relax, and search for Viagra, observing different forms of the drug, picking up the right dosage, reading testimonials, comparing prices and purchase options in various internet drugstores.

Benefits of bying Viagra online

The second reason to purchase Viagra online is savings. Thus, you can save both time and money on unnecessary visits to doctors and passing medical exams. Moreover, prices on the web are always much more reasonable than offline. Furthermore, most online pharmacies offer additional opportunities to save. For example, you might appreciate special prices, discounts with coupons which are summed up with other markdowns, free samples of tablets for erectile dysfunction, or express delivery absolutely free of charge. Sometimes, people wonder, why Viagra online is so much cheaper than the same medication in ordinary pharmacies. First of all, the blue pills of excellent quality cost much less on the web due to the lower expenses of Internet sellers.

Another basic advantage of getting the legendary Viagra online is anonymity. Since you will not need a prescription, your physician and other medical specialists, as well as local drugstore staff will know absolutely nothing about your problems in bed. Besides, there will be no sign of what is inside the package delivered to your door, so even your partner might be surprised with the changes for good in your sexual relationship. Despite the fact you can buy Viagra online without a medical prescription, take care of your health. Before you start using the medicine, carefully study instructions for use, paying special attention to possible side effects, contraindications, and the proper intake of the drug. If you have serious chronic diseases, better consult a doctor before taking Sildenafil. Also mind that no one can take more than 100 mg of the substance per day in order to avoid complications and severe side effects.

Most men prefer buying Viagra and similar meds online without a prescription, so let us list the basic rules of using the drug once more. First of all, read the instructions to make the treatment safe and successful. Then, try to choose the proper dosage of the medicine and the desired form of the drug, based on your personal needs, health condition, and other patients reviews. Also, before you order Viagra online, compare different internet drugstores to pick up the best one.