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ALEXI LAIHO’s BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT Has No Leftover Material: ‘There Was No More Songs Written’

Bodom After Midnight

BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT, the band launched by ex-CHILDREN OF BODOM guitarist/vocalist Alexi Laiho, will release an EP, “Paint The Sky With Blood”, on April 23 via Napalm Records. The effort was recorded in Finland back in 2020 and was meant to be the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Sadly, that chapter ended far too soon with the December 2020 passing of Laiho, and now, the three-track piece embodies a whole new meaning.

Asked in a new interview with A&P Reacts how close the two original songs on “Paint The Sky With Blood”, the title track and “Payback’s A Bitch”, are to what a full-length album from BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT would have sounded like, guitarist Daniel Freyberg said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Probably very close. But it’s obviously impossible to say exactly, ’cause there was no more songs written. That was all the songs, all the riffs Alexi ever presented us. So there’s no leftovers.

Speaking about what Alexi‘s “energy” was like after he left CHILDREN OF BODOM in 2019 and launched the new band early the following year, Daniel said: “He was actually very excited, and he often told us — and he told the media as well — that he feels like 20 years younger now because of this new group, I guess. But, yeah, he was very excited and eager to show the world that he’s still got this; he was at the top of his game.

Asked what the best way is for people to honor Alexi‘s legacy, Daniel said: “I don’t know. What’s the best way to honor his legacy. I don’t know if there’s a best way to honor his legacy, and what would be that. I don’t know, to be honest. Just listen to his music, and remember him as the great musician he was. I don’t know anything else.

Alexi passed away in his home in Helsinki, Finland. The 41-year-old had suffered from long-term health issues leading up to his death.

BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT, whose lineup was completed by drummer Waltteri Väyrynen (PARADISE LOST), bassist Mitja Toivonen (ex-SANTA CRUZ) and live keyboardist Vili Itäpelto, made its live debut last October in Seinäjoki, Finland. The 17-song show consisted entirely of CHILDREN OF BODOM material.

Alexi and drummer Jaska Raatikainen founded CHILDREN OF BODOM in 1993, and the band was one of the most internationally acclaimed metal acts in Finland up until their very last farewell concert in December of 2019.

Besides CHILDREN OF BODOM, Laiho had played in such acts as WARMEN, SINERGY, KYLÄHULLUT and THE LOCAL BAND. Awarded with a Metal Hammer Golden God and several other international prizes, the guitarist was also the main star, leading a group of one hundred guitar players at the Helsinki Festival in 2015 in “100 Guitars From Hel” — a massive concert piece he composed.

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