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POST PULSE Release “Figures On The Sand/Scorching The Sky” EP

Post Pulse

Finnish metal band Post Pulse makes metal music from Helsinki. In the north, it’s common to think about death, loss, sadness, and pain when the months get dark and cold.

As the world experiences an extreme level of death, Post Pulse has written an anthem about those lost and what it’s like to deal with that loss.

Listen to the EP:

FIGURES ON THE SAND is an epic track that combines the elements of doom, punk, and death metal in a way that is a signature sound of Post Pulse. The lyrics are about pain, loss, and dealing with death in a sincere and human way. While Post Pulse doesn’t shy away from producing emotional music, FIGURES ON THE SAND is by far the most emotionally intense song in their repertoire so far.

Editorial word
“The different elements on Figures On The Sand are crazy AF. Video is trippy AF. It draws a perfect picture how people are at the moment and it’s not a pretty sight.”

SCORCHING THE SKY takes a broader view of the world, our times, and the speed at which we seem to be extinguishing humanity. We know that human life has a time limit in the lifespan of our universe. This song shares our feeling about how humans seem to want to accelerate our extinction. The music is much more upbeat and aggressive, with a few progressive elements used tastefully throughout the track.

With titles like FIGURES ON THE SAND and SCORCHING THE SKY, it only made sense to guitarist Antti Karhu to create an EP cover with an earthy feel. Compared with some other Post Pulse cover artwork, this straightforward image speaks perfectly to the feeling you can expect from this release.

The lyric video for FIGURES ON THE SAND was conceptualized and produced by bassist Sam Roon and guitarist Antti Karhu. Using a video manipulation tool to create various glitch effects, timed with different instrumental parts of the song, there is a consistent pulse to the overwhelming visual display. Lyrics are layered on top of the manipulated image, so they are possible to read.

You can watch the video of “FIGURES ON THE SAND” below

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