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CHILDREN OF BODOM: Tales from the depths of lake Bodom

Children of Bodom - Something Wild

Children of Bodom has started writing articles regarding their past in a series called “Tales from the depths of lake Bodom” on their Facebook page. This is the first one.

When we had signed our deal with Spinefarm records in 1997, we had Something Wild album ready but no album art for it. We were advised to go to a photo stock, an actual storage where you could browse photos and then purchase whatever you like. After browsing for few hours, we were really into this one photograph of a small girl’s bedroom, it was all blue, very dreamlike. We thought it would be nice contrast with our music. But then, just before going to the counter for paying for the photograph, Jaska saidhey how about this instead?”. Who would have thought that this image, what we first thought would be too bright red, too “fun“, would define the imagery for all of our albums.

The first Spinefarm edition was with the blue logo designed by Janne Sova. Few months later when we were licensed to Nuclear Blast, they suggested a new font, well, actually a new logo, and we said yeah that’s fine.

Anybody have the first edition?

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