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CHILDREN OF BODOM: Tales from the depths of lake Bodom part 2

Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom has started writing articles regarding their past in a series called “Tales from the depths of lake Bodom” on their Facebook page. This is the part 2.

One of the songs Alexi wrote for Something Wild was called “Strato”. Alexi had told Janne that he wrote the song a day after he had seen Stratovarius playing live. In 1997 Stratovarius played two shows in Tavastia, one in May and one in October. Janne, Alexi and Alexander went to see Stratovarius together, not sure which show, but it must be the first one that inspired him to write “Strato”, since the album was recorded the same summer.

That working title came up probably because obvious similarities in the verse riff with a Stratovarius song “Twilight Symphony”. Obviously we all were big fans of Stratovarius. Actually we even played one Stratovarius song, Stratosphere, live in our first shows. For some reason Alexi never managed to write lyrics for “Strato”. In studio, when it was time to lay the vocal tracks for “Strato”, Alexi just went crazy and sang the song, well, we can’t say it is gibberish cos there is some random English words in there too, but anyway with no lyrics at all. Some sounds do sound like real words or might even be, but in general this song has no lyrics.

When the record was ready, the band had a name, and we were at Spinefarm office writing the texts for the booklet, we realised we need to have a proper name for “Strato”. The 5th track of Something Wild eventually got the name “Lake Bodom”. Lake Bodom was definitely in the set when we opened for Dimmu Borgir the same fall.

Any of you guys know the “lyrics” by heart? Would love to see some videos…

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