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CHILDREN OF BODOM: Tales from the depths of lake Bodom part 3

Children of Bodom - Jaska Raatikainen

Children of Bodom has started writing articles regarding their past in a series called “Tales from the depths of lake Bodom” on their Facebook page. This is the part 3.

Pretty much one year after the release of Something Wild, we had already 9 songs for the next album. In the end of 1998 went back to Anssi Kippo’s studio in Lappeenranta. The session was very intense and a lot of takes was executed (Jaska doing his thing in the photo).

When the album was finished, it was time to think about the visual side of the album. It was an easy choice; we wanted to contact the same artist who had done the image we had used for Something Wild. Our mainman Ewo from Spinefarm reached out to Graham French, residing in Canada. We were happy when he replied and said he would do it, the price was quite high, but the label promised to take care of it. We instructed him that we want it green and it should have the same grim reaper. That’s all. In few weeks we got the files, “the reaper on the other, the landscape on the other”, recalls Spinefarm graphic designer Janne.

What was a little funny was the invoice that had a separate section named ‘talent fee’, maybe that was a common thing in the big world but for us it felt quite pompous at the time. “I put the logo and the title in place, and that ’s it. Retrospectively thinking, it might have been good to tweak the band photo to green also, but I left it blue.” We were quite amazed how fast and straight forward the process was. Anyway, now we had the visual world of our second album ready.

By the way, the title track was called originally ‘Trinity of Evil Strain’, but at some point Alexi suggested that what if it would be called ‘Hatebreeder‘. We all agreed, it will be a good title.

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