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MYSTERIZER signs with Rockshots Records, first song and video “Burn Witch Burn” released


Oulu-based metal band Mysterizer has signed a record deal with Rockshots Records, which will release the band’s as-yet-unnamed second album later this year. What is to come has been released in form of a song “Burn Witch Burn” and you can watch the video below

The band commented on the song as follows:
Burn Witch Burn is a song about 15th century witch hunts. At that time, a book called Malleus Malificarum was also published and it contained instructions for questioning suspected witches. These brutal interrogation tactics were successful, resulting in many people being sadly burned alive.

Tomi Kurtti – vocals
Mike Hammer – guitars
Henri Hänninen – guitars
Ian Guidestone – bass
Joni Kylätie – drums
J. Palmroos – keyboards


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