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Metal From Finland originates all the way to 2007 when it was originally released. Back then the needs for the website were completely different than today. It was clear that we wanted to build an extensive band database of Finnish metal and rock bands and simply be the “best resource for Finnish metal in the internet“. Fast forward to 2021 and the needs are something entirely different. Interaction between website and it’s visitors, ability to share content to different social media platforms and just having content in different locations are the biggest differences. But what was our slogan back in 2007 it will remain the same in 2021 and it will never change.

Promoting Finnish Rock And Metal since 2007!

For instance on our new website we have lots of videos and we do our best to tag the videos so people who like for instance “black metal” can easily just by following the tag find videos and perhaps that way find new music and bands.

“Content” vs CONTENT

There are tons of content that are basically just duplicate content all around different medias. These are mostly NEWS and those are put together from press releases medias get from music labels. But at the same time NEWS is a “must have” content.

For instance INTERVIEWS and REVIEWS are content that helps the website to stand out from others. Obviously other websites do reviews and interviews as well but the content is always different even if they would review the same album as we do.


Ten Questions is our “flag ship“. In short, we interview Finnish musicians and we ask the same ten questions from everyone. It is incredible to see how different answers different musicians can give to a same question. We are constantly trying to get more musicians to take part on our TEN QUESTIONS-series so we will have unique content. A new interview will be released every monday.

To us this is a concept that keeps on giving. If at any point we start running out of musicians (probably not) we can always start “new season” with new TEN QUESTIONS and we can go through the musicians again. If they agree to answer again of course. But seriously it has been amazing to notice how well Finnish musicians have taken part on this. Basically everyone we have asked has shown green light for the interview and that is a blessing.


We believe interaction between our visitors and the website is a goal worth reaching to. But at the same time we don’t want people to have to register yet to another website because let’s be honest; that simply sucks. For instance COMMENTING articles we have tried to make it as easy as possible. So instead of registering you can authenticate yourself through Facebook, Twitter, Google,, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other platforms. It doesn’t get any easier than this. We hope to see our visitors engaging with the content because that is what makes a simple article turn alive!


In todays world it is crucial to be everywhere. Just having your content in one place just isn’t enough. For now we will focus on the following four social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Each of those four will serve a different purpose and we will try to utilize those to the fullest.


Last but definitely not least, our Metal From Finland Staff, the backbone that enables everything. Staff is something you can never have too many and for instance having a proper band database without relatively large staff is impossible. We are constantly looking for more staff members and if you are reading this thinking “hey that’s me” then just head out to our “CONTACT” form and send apply.

We have four different positions: News Grinders, Music Reviewers, Photographers / Journalists and Social Media Managers. Below a short description on each position

NEWS GRINDERS: Your job is to make sure Metal From Finland has the latest news, every day. This can be achieved in many ways and we will go through these with you. Finding the news is one thing but you also need to make sure the news content looks good and is tagged properly.

MUSIC REVIEWERS: Artists do hard work by releasing new material and our job is to make sure we can write reviews on as many releases as possible. Your written english is very fluent and you love writing. You can be specialized in specific genres and you will only review music from those genres.

PHOTOGRAPHERS / JOURNALISTS: You love cameras and action. You feel right at home there in the photo pit. But you are also able to write reviews from the concerts/festivals you attend.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS: Your playground is social media. You love social media. You know social media like your own pockets. You know your way in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You know how to make the best out on these platforms.