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HER ALONE releases “Into The Night” single and video

Her Alone

Her Alone is a symphonic metal band hailing from Joensuu, Finland. The band was formed in 2017 by their lead songwriter and guitarist Iiro Inkilä, and lead singer Annika Eronen. Her Alone combines ear-catching melodies with heavy guitars accompanied by colorful orchestrations and powerful singing. They are influenced by a variety of different kinds of genres from traditional hard rock and metal to classical and film score music.

Thanks to their hard work, the band started touring Finland extensively in 2019 and are now ready to release their first single titled “Into the Night” on Friday 23.04.2021. You can watch the video below

Into the Night” is an exhilarating song that challenges the listener to embark on a journey towards brighter future, and to see the world through new eyes. The vocal-driven piece draws inspiration heavily from nature, and is written by the bands guitarist Iiro Inkilä.

The single was recorded in December 2020 at Finnvox-studios in Helsinki, Finland by Iiro Inkilä and Matti Rundelin. Into the Night’s mixing and mastering was done by Mikko Karmila & Mika Jussila whilst Acoustic- and Orchestral versions are mixed and mastered by Iiro Inkilä.

Into the Night” will be distributed through Finnish MDJ (Musiikin Digitaalinen Jakelu) and it will be available on all major digital streaming platforms.

Lyrics video:
Radio edit:
Acoustic Version:
Orchestral Version:

Single URL:

  1. Into the Night (Radio Edit)
  2. Into the Night
  3. Into the Night (Acoustic Version)
  4. Into the Night (Orchestral Version)

All music & lyrics: Iiro Inkilä
Album artwork: Iida-Sofia Kivistö

Annika Eronen: Vocals
Iiro Inkilä: Guitars, vocals, keys & piano
Jesse Parviainen: Bass
Jyri Mäkinen: Drums