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LOST IN GREY: First Album Trailer Released

Lost In Grey

The Finnish theatrical metal band LOST IN GREY has announced the release of their third studio album “Under the Surface” on July 2nd, 2021 via REAPER ENTERTAINMENT.

Today, the band presents the first album trailer on YouTube. In this short video, composer, keyboardist, singer and producer Harri Koskela gives insights about the inspiration and songwriting of the new album. The video can be seen below

The band already released the first digital single “Souffrir”. This nearly ten-minute long epic features four international guest artists – Emma Zoldan (SIRENIA), Andi Kravljaca (BIOPLAN, THAUROROD) and Camille André on vocals, and Nils Courbaron (SIRENIA, THINK OF A NEW KIND) on the guitar solo.

The official music video made by the band’s lyricist & vocalist Anne Lill Rajala can be seen below

Pre-order the album now:

In recent years these theatrical metal pioneers have proven to be one of the most promising and inspiring acts coming from the Finnish metal scene, electrifying their audiences through their versatile musical storytelling and tremendous sound.

Now Lost in Grey invites you to dive with them “Under the Surface” where music and stories dance hand in hand, and everything is possible. Get prepared for a twisted rollercoaster ride through storms and tides – spiced up with some sparkles of stardust.

The tracklist of “Under the Surface”:

1. I
2. Disobedience
3. Waves
4. Shine
5. Varjo
6. Souffrir
7. Stardust – I. The Race
8. Stardust – II. Sand Castles
9. Stardust – III. The Abyss

The album was produced and recorded by Harri Koskela / Grey Realm Studio, mixed by Juhis Kauppinen / Shedstudios and mastered by Daniel Hagström / Finnvox.

The Finnish theatrical metal band LOST IN GREY was founded in 2013 by composer, vocalist and keyboardist Harri Koskela and lyricist and vocalist Anne Lill Rajala. What originally was planned to be merely a short-term project soon grew into a band. Inspired by a large variety of musical genres, literature and the world itself, Lost in Grey creates multifaceted music bringing elements of drama to their songs as well as live performances. Now the band is on the verge of unleashing their 3rd full-length album UNDER THE SURFACE in summer 2021 via Reaper Entertainment Europe.

Followed by the previous album releases, THE WASTE LAND (2019) and THE GREY REALMS (2017), both which claimed great responses from audiences and media, this new album takes another giant leap towards even greater musical adventures. The vocalists Emily Leone, Anne Lill Rajala and Harri Koskela play the main characters within the overarching story on the albums, and bring a very own touch to it through their diverse voice talents.

Lost in Grey:

Harri Koskela (vocals, keyboards and composer)
Anne Lill Rajala (vocals and lyrics)
Emily Leone (vocals and violin)
Miika Haavisto (guitars)
Jarno Suodenjoki (guitars)
Aapo Lindberg (bass)
Teppo Ristola (drums)

LOST IN GREY online:

LOST IN GREY – The Waste Land

LOST IN GREY – Dark Skies

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