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COLDBOUND – Four Episodes Of “INTO THE SLUMBER” Behind-The-Scenes Mini-Series available


Melodic death/doom metal band, Coldbound, recently released their latest single, “Slumber Of Decay”, which marks the metal comeback of Liv Kristine (Theatre of Tragedy, Leaves’ Eyes) and Meiju Enho (Ensiferum).

Slumber Of Decay” has gathered some attention since the day of it’s release and combining this fact aside the current situation with the COVID-19 restrictions that doesn’t allow much of social interaction, the band decided to launch a number of mini-series’ on their YouTube channel, entitled Into The Slumber.

Into The Slumber is divided into six mini-episodes in two thematic chapters. The first three episodes are diving into the details of the single “Slumber Of Decay”; explaining the birth of the song, the reasons behind the sound’s approach, how the band came together whilst the second leg contains some miscellaneous trivia & fragments of the band’s personal life.

The band states: “Amidst these different and somewhat strange times, social interaction is impossible to be reached in real life. What we knew some years ago seems completely impossible to be achieved nowadays and as we in Coldbound try to remain calm and patient, waiting for the worst to overpass; just like the rest of the world does right now, we thought of this idea to launch a series of mini episodes. Episodes that are very personal as we are trying to offer to the audience a piece of our inner world filled with magical frequencies and elements, but also to give a small insight of who we really are. The biggest fear of ours is to be divided amidst these very challenging times. We really do hope that this initiation will bring us somewhat closer to our audience and make our music to gain more understanding and context.

Check out four of the six episodes below.