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CHILDREN OF BODOM: Tales From The Depths Of Lake Bodom pt 4

Children of Bodom - Follow The Reaper

Children of Bodom continue their “tales from the depths of Lake Bodom” and we have reached part 4

“When we started to think about the art for Follow the Reaper, we wanted to have something different. We were advised to contact a Finnish artist named Sami Saramäki, who had mostly done mainstream book covers. At least that is how it was presented to us. It felt a little scary to say the least. But we decided to give it a shot. We knew we wanted to have it blue. And we will stick with the reaper. Sami heard us and went and did some photos at lake Bodom. “It was a beautiful summer morning, but foggy and very spooky, definitely didn’t consider camping there…” Sami recalls.

So we had the reaper and the lake again. Then we decided to add some tombstones in the mix. Sami had photographed some tombstones and he added them in the photo.

After delivering all the material for the label to go for printing he realized that one of the tombstones had the deceased’s name and all dates still visible. “I panicked, it was already late, but I was lucky to get hold of the graphic designer at the office and the sensitive information could be removed just in time.”

Here you can see the evolution of the art

Pictures are from CoB Instagram

This was the first of our covers that we did in a dialogue with the artist and did some editing on the way. You guys know what other cob albums Sami did?”

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