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CHILDREN OF BODOM: Tales from the depths of Lake Bodom pt 6

Children Of Bodom - Tales from the depths of Lake Bodom

Children of Bodom released Blooddrunk on April 7th 13 years ago. The album went number 22 Billboard Top 200 in USA.

The single had this CCR song as a b-side. We all knew the band and had big respect for them but the movie Big Lebowski really brought this song to a new level, at least for us. We wanted to play it too.

But we also wanted to pay homage to the original video and tried to replicate it as much as we could. CCR obviously had less members in the band. And a lot bigger room to play in. But they didn’t have a Slayer poster. John Fogerty is sitting next to his own photo but who is on the wall next to Alexi?

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