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SAMY ELBANNA Of LOST SOCIETY Talks About The Horrible Situation Within The Arts-industry

Samy Elbanna - Lost Society

SAMY ELBANNA, the guitarist/vocalist of Finland’s LOST SOCIETY released a post on his Facebook Page where he opened up about the horrible situation within the arts-industry in Finland.

Today (once again) my heart bleeds for the thousands of amazing people behind each concert and each festival that we all are lucky enough to be able to go to and create new memories in.

There will be a day when the horrors of the last few years will be but a distant bad dream, but in order for that to happen, we ALL have to work together. Vaccinate yourselves, wear a mask, STOP spreading false information about things you know absolutely fucking nothing about and STOP taking artists for granted.

One thing that I must point out is that when musicians and the massive teams who work in the arts- industry speak out about how we have been wronged by not being supported in these times – by NO MEANS does it mean that we don’t recognize the fact that everybody is hurting, but people have to realize that this industry NEEDS people to fight for it, and that’s a fact.

Help a festival out and hold on to your ticket for next year.

So far Rockfest, Tuska Festival, Ilosaarirock, Provinssirock and Ruisrock are all cancelled for summer 2021 in Finland.

Lost Society released their currently latest album “No Absolution” on February 21st 2020. Check out their “Deliver Me” video below